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  1. I too was looking at buying a Vezel mainly due to ground clearance issues. I am currently driving a Prius and that's my one and only worry with the vehicle. However, I was taken a step back as I heard the popular clutch issue is not sorted with the RS model. Although people used to call RS does not have the issue, Remote Sensing and Clutch has nothing in common. After talking to an engineer what I got to know was that Honda does not have a solution for this issue and this issue is not common in JDM with the low environment temperatures + driving conditions in Japan. With an estimated cost of 500,00 for replacement unit (Agent), I am wondering why people still go for Vezel with that risk
  2. Sumzy

    Prius Spare Parts

    Can someone recommend me a good place that deals with Prius (2012/2013) spare parts. One of my buffer lights are gone and I am looking for a replacement. Toyota doesn't have stocks on this at this time.
  3. Sumzy

    Fm Modulators

    My car has a Japanese AV set up and it doesn't work with the FM frequency range in Sri Lanka. I am planing to buy a FM modulator and plug it to the cigarette lighter socket and use it for FM transmissions. I just need to see how well this can receive FM signals outside of Colombo. If anyone has used this kind of a modulator, please let me know your experience.
  4. Where do you get 0W-20 in Sri Lanka? I was looking for many places this was not available until last month. However, TLanka is now bringing down this oil and fills up upon customer request. Otherwise they use 10W-30
  5. Sumzy


    Does anyone know a way to get the SD card for the Toyota set up NSZT W61G ?
  6. Sumzy

    Transmission Fluid

    Did some research on this and noticed that ATF M-V stands for ATF Multi Vehicle not Mercon-V Mercon V is a standard like Dexron III (V is for 5 and not the letter V) There is one oil by mobil in the same standard but I don't think it's available in SL. This link is from Mobil Canada. http://www.mobil.com/Canada-English-LCW/automatic-transmission-fluid_mobil-super-multi-vehicle-atf.aspx# This is Mobil Super Multi-Vehicle ATF and it supports follwing ATF requirements Mobil Super Multi Vehicle ATF is recommended for the following applications: Allison C-4 Caterpillar TO-2 Mobil Super Multi-Vehicle ATF is also suitable for use in automatic transmissions that specify the following requirements: Audi G 052 025-A2, G 052 162-A1 BMW LA2634 LT 71141 ETL-7045E, ETL-8072B, N402 Ford MERCON*, MERCON LV All 2005 and earlier GM vehicles (Mobil Super DEXRON-VI ATF is recommended for 2006 and newer GM vehicles) Honda ATF-Z1* Hyundai SP-II, SP-III Idemitsu K17 JWS 3309 Kia SP-II, SP-III MAN 339F, V1, V2, Z1, Z2, Z3 Mazda ATF-III, ATF-MV Mercedes-Benz 236.1, 236.2, 236.5, 236.6, 236.7, 236.9 Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II, SP-III Nissan Matic-D, Matic-J, Matic-K Subaru ATF Toyota T-III, T-IV Voith 55.6335.XX (G607, G1363) Volvo 97340 ZF TE-ML 03D, 04D, 09, 14A, 14B, 16L, 17C Now I am more confused on what to do ? Pay 17K and go with Car Mart? Coz Mazna uses Mercon-V, which is not the correct type according to the latest service bulletin. Yesterday when I called them they said they are using Shell.
  7. Sumzy

    Transmission Fluid

    What about the Mobil Multipurpose ATF ? It's Dexron III compatible. The service manual for Mazda BJ5P and 323 BJ series mentions that the ATF should be Mercon V compliance, and their example is Dexron III. I am attaching the specific page in the service manual. The Service Bulletin Mars Vota is showing for Mazda vehicles from 2003 and above. This is where Dexron III stopped (from iiih) and then moved to Dexton IV http://www.mediafire.com/?wa6qrmyf5mpez54 ]
  8. Sumzy

    Transmission Fluid

    I have a Mazda 323 (BJ 1.6cc) and it's nearing a ATF change. I am not sure what was the ATF used by the previous owners as there are no records of it. Last ATF change has been done over 25000 KM's ago. I inquired few people about this and they don't exactly know what's the best ATF to put in. Car Mart is saying use Mazda oil which will cost me about 15,000 bucks just for the oil. Mazna Motors is using Shell. Some people uses Mobil. Can someone tell me what can I use ? There are few variants of Mobil out there in the market as well.
  9. I need few expert opinions to resolve an issue that I currently face with my radiator. I am having a Mazda 323 (2002) and this is mostly similar to the BJ5P familia. I had a hairline fracture in the upper tank of the radiator sometime back and I had to fix it using fiberglass at that time as I had no choice (happened out of Colombo). Now I see water level dropping in my overflow tank by 1 inch for every 2-3 days. After having a chat with some of my friends I came up with few options that I can take 1. Replace the radiator with a re-conditioned one This will be around 18000 bucks and the condition of the re-conditioned radiator is not guaranteed. Brand new would be around 45000 and car mart doesn't bring them down anymore. 2. Replace the upper plastic tank with a copper tank I checked with radiator house and they said they can fix a copper tank, which would cost around 7500 bucks. Since the radiator core is aluminum, they said they are using a gum to seal things off instead of welding. Some say that the copper and aluminum does not go together and later there will be leaks again as both metals will have their oxide layers after sometime. 3. Replace the upper tank with an aluminum tank This will cost around 6500 and they weld the core and the upper tank using aluminum. Since both core and the tank are aluminum, they can weld as well as use the gum to seal. I really appreciate if someone can let me know what would be the best option that I can go for. I am suffering with this issue for a month and I need to fix this asap.
  10. My radiator was blown from the top sometime back and I had to do some fiber treatment to stop the leaking in order for me to return to Colombo. It is now giving me problems again as the water levels are slowly dropping down. I am having a Mazda BJ5P auto gear and when I inquired I got to know that the price of a reconditioned radiator is around 18000 bucks. One of my friends suggested to have the top casing done in copper (as it used to be in the old cars) as it's reliable than buying a reconditioned radiator. Can someone who has expertise or experiences in this matter give me few opinions ?
  11. I need to change ATF in my Mazda familia. What would be the best place to do this and What would be the best method and the best fluid brand/type. I hope someone from Mazda club can help me out. Also I am lookin for manuals for my 2002/323 and 2000/familia if anyone has a softcopy or a hard copy please let me know.
  12. I had a one until last month. It was a V2/2004 - only 22000 was done and I sold it for 11/=. But later I found out that I was lucky coz I have seen 2 similar models going around 9.50 to 10.50.
  13. As requested - here are the details Place you bought from : Model Tyre House - Dandugama - Ja Ela Tyre type (is it eagle F1..?) Good Year - Ducaro GA Country of manufacture: Indonesia Size: 195/65/15 Price: 7600/= Thanks..!
  14. Thanks guys for all your opinions. I managed to get Good Year tires. Little cheaper than Bridgestone...but Seems good
  15. Thanks machan. I called Sanjeeva and all they have is Roadstone. Does anyone know how this tyre is. Sanjeeva recommends it
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