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  1. Thank you. I contacted the seller. He asked me to inspect the vehicle and come to a conclusion.
  2. No this is kg-8xxx. And it doesn’t have a multifunction steering wheel. Does it automatically make it a glx?
  3. That also he doesn’t know. But the first owner has been some hotshot in the unimo and the second owner has been a judge. So I suspect it to be a GLS.
  4. Thank you for the response. So the price quoted is reasonable?
  5. So I have set my eyes on a lancer after the feedback I got from the previous thread. I was quoted a price of 3.6 mil for a lancer ex made in 2008 with automatic transmission from the third owner of the car. Mileage is 113,000km. It is accident free except for a minor bump at home. Whether or not the ABS sensor issue is settled, he doesn’t know. It has been maintained by auto mirage and there are maintenance records. Kindly state your opinion.
  6. What is the market price of 2011-12 models
  7. Thumbs up buddy. Very informative.
  8. Thank you for the response. I did dig the forum for Lancer ex few months back and found out the brat thread which offers hell of a lot of info. But my problem is how the car market dynamics have changed with the epidemic. The 2011-12 built lancer ex gls went for around 4mil before corona. But has it changed with the situation?
  9. I’ve decided against it. Thank you
  10. Thank you for enlightening me. So can you please suggest me a good sedan for 4 mil that will not be a white elephant and at the same time offer driving pleasure. Can a civic fd1/Mazda 3 be bought for 4 mil. I asked for this in a separate thread, but didn’t get any response.
  11. Yep according to the info he gave me. Anyway I’m a noob when it comes to vehicles.
  12. So that’s basically a no no.
  13. I was offered a Peugeot 407, a 2008 made diesel one with an engine capacity of 1490cc bought with a permit and which is accident free and with a mileage of 70,000. Is the price reasonable?
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