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  1. Thanks a lot for the replies !I find that this forum is really helpful. I am having the impression that the best option is Corolla 141. One more clarification:in terms of performance,fuel efficiency and maintenance is Yaris 2007/2008 equally good as 141? Are there any known technical issues in both models?
  2. yes I meant buying another one. Thanks a lot for all the replies!Seems that 141 is the best option. However I gather that in terms of fuel efficiency it is not that good.Will a second hand Toyota Vios OR Vitz be a better alternative ,considering my requirements?
  3. Hi I am considering buying a second-hand Aqua 2012/ Yaris 2007 / Corolla 141 OR Honda fit GP1 as my second car.I 'd appreciate if any expert could tell me pros and cons of each and what would be the best and any alternatives to the above 4.(budget is around LKR 3 mln). I intend to use the vehicle mostly in the weekend.During the weekdays it will normally be in the garage.Occasionally I intend to use it for long trips. I am also concerned about the failures of hybrid batteries,the maintenance costs and the fuel efficiency. thanks!
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