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  1. Thanks so much for the insights . Yes i'm relatively new to cars. What sort of battery health percentage is desired at around 70k mileage ? i read a bit online and found that around 50% of usable cap is acceptable and with regards to the DCT issue, is it a costly repair ?
  2. Hi Folks, I'm hoping to go for a Honda fit Gp5 (below 70k mileage) as my first car. I have a few questions in mind, - Is it a good idea to go for a fit at the mileage as the first car ? - What should i look out for in terms of possible big issues(mechincal, electronic etc)? - Any general advice around the honda fit hybrid engines ? like do they give issues at that mileage or when they pass 100k etc. and suggestions and any other general advice :) Thanks in advance :)
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