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  1. As per Book , colour of my car is 'Metallic'. can I apply any metallic colour to my car?
  2. @vishwa.j Dear Mr. Vishwa I'm planning to buy an old Daihatsu cuore (1997) car. Please advice me on availability of spare parts and other issues of this car. Thank You
  3. Hi guys, These days i'm looking for a small car (my first) fit to my budget (less than 1.4 MN) Can you advice me on Nissan March K 11 (1998/Manual) and Mazda Demio (1999/Manual) models regarding following fields: 1. Value for Money 2. Spare parts and repair facilities 3.Fuel consumption Thank You Thilina Herath
  4. sorry. At first I tried to delete my first topic but the site does not allow me to do so.
  5. Thank You Very Much for detailed advice and very early reply..
  6. Hi friends, I am looking for a small car and found couple of Perodua Kenari which match with my budget. (Around 1.6m) How is Perodua Kenari car? Please help experts. Is it a good car? How is the Spares and services in Sri Lanka? What is the current market price for year 2007 makes? Expecting your advice before proceed. Many thanks Thilina Bandara Herath
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