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  1. It seems like you have changed everything except the car. I think it is better to show the car to Mr.L*l Al*w*tta. His workshop is at Battaramulla. He is a very experienced and reputed automobile engineer and normally he detects the problem quickly (most probably after driving a small distance). But keep in mind that he is not so friendly and does not like us to talk bla bla. Therefore don't be a "chatter box" in front of him and just explain your problem in short form. (That is his nature, we have to tolerate it). But definitely he will trouble shoot the problem.
  2. Dear Friends Thanks for your comments. Hear, by the word "carpeting", I meant the "Full Carpeting done with Rexine" which is done by shops like "xxx cushion works". During this "full carpeting" they had to remove all seats. Sometimes there may be some sensors / gadgets which are not known by carpeting guys. They just carry out there job.
  3. Dear AutoLanka Friends In Sri Lanka, normally when people buy a new car, they do carpeting (and seat covering as well). Personally my opinion is "everything that the car needs will be installed by the manufacturer and therefore, we should use the car as it is". Another thing is I have seen that during carpeting, they have damaged some plastic components of the vehicle. So what is your advice regarding this. Whether to install carpets (and seat covers) or just use the car as it is?
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