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  1. it actually depends on what do you mean, not powerful
  2. This must be a really shitty lawyer or maybe just a person that lacks any kind of morality. I understand that lawyers are the people that could be able to defend a person that actually killed someone or stole something, but you have to defend them and try to make them look innocent. However, man that is a really ...disgusting thing to do. I remember when i was involved in a defamation lawsuit, the defendant's lawyer came to us and tried to make a deal with us, and just grab his client down. After that i went to that dude and recommended him to fire his lawyer, and get another one from minclaw.com, as mine was also from there. Yeah, he kind of destroyed my reputation, however i don't want to win like that.
  3. Hate this kind of situations when the lawyer is dragging you down on purpose.
  4. Nice, and how business is going so far? Do you invest in marketing? If you want to expand and grow with your market it will be best to create Instagram page and use https://famoid.com/buy-instagram-likes/ for your advertisement. These guys are really fast and responsive, plus on their website you can check their price list that personally think is most convenient. I have online store for vape kits and e-liquids. In almost 2 years on Instagram had for 0 to 420k subscribers. Of course, I have lots of commands online. My investment was the best choice.
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