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  1. Hello guys , Thankyou all for your feed back. About this guerrilla marketing thing, I assure you it's not. I'm just a new member here who couldn't figure out what to do.With your valuable comments I will figure out what to do. I plan to sell this car within a year. Milage is 92,000 KM. Currently the AQUA prices are going very low. Again thanks for your comments and I assure you no guerrilla marketing.👍
  2. Hello guys , I'm having an issue with the hybrid battery of my Aqua 2012. According to the scan report battery needs to be replaced, and technician does not recommend to replace the cells. I'm thinking of replacing with a reconditioned battery preferably 2017 made. I would appreciate if you can share any reliable place to do so. Further, very much like your advices on the matter. Is the technician correct ? What would be the price range ? Any side effects in replacing with a uses battery..? Thanks guys.
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