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  1. 7-8-9...not more than that....used one for a very long time Mine was a manual btw.
  2. These numbers rarely mean anything here!!!! Personal opinion!
  3. Irage, do Air filters last that long? I have to usually change mine around 15000 or so and whatever I had to put Ive put it from the agents. Expensive I know but gives me peace of mind. I'm amazed Gayanath's car still runs. If you don't clean the HV battery blower in time (around 5000 kms that is) the whole car will start giving trouble. Pulling power tends to reduce, the car revs more than usual and the fuel consumption goes down drastically. Even if you don't change the oil in time (5000) things kind of tend to go a bit offhand. Dunno...maybe the aqua is different.
  4. Makes us proud as well....this is just art at its best!!!! I knew he was a motoring enthusiast but just got to know that he is an architect as well. Thanks @Devinda_Z!!!!
  5. Absolutely.......the house looks gorgeous though. Has that tropical modernistic look mixed with the old Manor House style.
  6. The car plus the House in the backdrop....looks like one designed by Bawa....
  7. At TL it is around 500000..if I remember right.
  8. Terios is not bad. Had a 2007 one which we got for the permit and ran it for 138000kms or so. Just had to do routine maintenance and mechanically it is not that complex. Will give you around 9ish in terms of fuel and the full time 4wd keeps the thing planted on the road and it gives you decent grip. There is a bit of body roll but its not that severe. It has decent ground clearance as well. I took the thing to Weviathalawa (managed to go most of the way) and Devils staircase (which I gave up halfway cause it was getting a bit out of hand). Doesn't have a lot of torque so cannot do anything extreme. Does have a centre diff lock and it does give some added power if you are stuck. But again nothing extreme. For parts, you might have to depend on the agent. I got most of the replacement parts through the agent. TL also carries certain parts. Mine was a manual so had to replace the clutch and the pressure plate twice along with the front brake pads. Other than that, I had to replace the AC compressor and put a new cooler and had to replace the Fan motor once. But other than that I had to do nothing and it was solid. Sold it and got an axio hybrid and I'm still kicking myself for doing so. Weird enough I still find the terios to be comfortable and it gave me peace of mind and it always managed to put a smile on my face for some reason or the other.
  9. Go for the Petrol Version if you get a good specimen. I have been using the hybrid version from 2015 and it has almost run 54000kms and I've maintained it at Toyota with no expenses spared. Whatever you save from fuel (This too unless you run a lot will not be very significant) will go later on for maintenance and you eventually end up maintaining two systems concurrently meaning the HSD+ICE. It is a bit of a misery to drive anyway. Btw...Don't get fooled by the nonsensical fuel figures posted in Sri Lankan Facebook forums.
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