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  1. Yes its still under warranty. and you suggested a good thing (Itemized quotation). thank you @Devinda_Z
  2. Mates, does Bezza needs a engine tune up at 20,000Km? and does it need Rs.35,000 worth service at 40,000km? agent says such a story. please advice! Thanks Maligaspe
  3. @Devinda_ZThank you very much for your ideas and advice about "write offs". and thank you @varotone for your wishes! Good health for all! Thanks
  4. Dear Mates, your ideas are so valuable and relay helped to consider some of areas, where never came to mind before! so that's great! and yes... since he is a student and not earning a penny yet, his budget would be bellow 500K. (To buy an old wreck and spend on spare parts on-demand basis through out around 15-24 Months). Please consider that my knowledge also very poor on this field. And I just convey all those valuable ideas to him. so again I really appreciate for your great ideas and time on this regards. @kusumsiriWell said and thank you very much for the honest wishes of yours. Good health for all Thanks
  5. Hi mates, My nephew is engaging with a motor mechanic course and he wants do some practical things such as Tinkering and metal shaping + Mechanic + Auto electrical + dissemble and assemble at his home. so what i'm asking is, what are the affordable old cars which may suitable him for start this, as an educational way (He is willing to buy a rusty old car)? if i elaborate more, such as parts availability or complexity wise! really appreciate all the ideas of you guys! Good health fro all! Thanks!
  6. Dear Mates, thanks for the replies with information and recommendations. really appreciate! Maligaspe.
  7. Hello Mates, I'm a layman and I got, almost similar symptoms with Vitz 2016, but no battery heat. when cranking, Dash Board lights almost go off and winker mirrors move very slow while hood lights on (Engine is not running). in short runs car doesn't start at once, or have to wait some time and crank. I have been observing this issue for one month and considered to change the battery, since it's the original battery and thought it came to End Of Life. But now it doesn't start at all, and can hear starter motor trying, but after 3 or 4 tryings it also fade away. My question is if I change the battery without supplying the power back up for computer memory of the car, would it be a significant issue? (Coz I got to know by readings such repercussions). if so, please advice me a way to get this done properly! or will all reputed car service centers do this properly? I really appreciate yours Ideas and recommendations. Thanks and good health for all. Maligaspe
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