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  1. I saw th car you're talking about. Looks pretty good. It's a blue one right
  2. Also check underbody as the car is pretty low to the ground there might be damages. Also check battery bay. Theres a tendency to rain water to stuck inside there and it can leak into the fuse box.
  3. There's nothing much to do other than regular maintenance. Check spark plugs and coils. What's the odometer value. These V35 engines are very realible if you treat them right. What's the model? 250GT? and YOM? Depending on the YOM. it can be direct injection or port injection. There's a tendency to carbon built up in DI. if the car has done almost 100k. You may have to clean valve body and intake. About parts. Nothing to worry. The site i mentioned even carry body parts. Even little knobs in interior. Also there are plenty of parts in japan. If you know how to get it here.
  4. Hey. There are plenty of places to buy parts. I bought most of the parts from Amayama.com fast and easy. But due to this covid situation its hard to acquire anything at the moment
  5. It's a separate unit. But attached to back of the light.
  6. Yes. You're correct. That's the one. Removed all those ricer parts and put an original boot with spoiler.now she looks like this. Don't have my own pic though. Btw about that angel eye Head light. Do you Know any place where modify head lights like that.
  7. That's true. Actually i ordered some parts like that. There are several sites. This is mine
  8. No no. Not mine 😬. Its from left hand drive infiniti g35. I was actually looking at that.and a Nismo bumper. Kind of looking for this look.
  9. Yes. I messaged one guy from the groups you have given me. Said he has parts for v35. Will be going there. Also any good electrical repair place in Colombo to diagnose my HID issue? How about this steering wheel. I was looking at this one.
  10. Yes. I saw that too. One was owned by a executive in A*W.. i think it totaled after hitting a tree or something.that Red coupe was restored by Dr Kelum. I think he has restored few v35s. Now there's a orange V36 for sale for around 46k. I think it has replaced tranny.
  11. No brother. It's a silver one. With black interior. Also has few rare options under it including adaptive cruise.
  12. Exactly. Always a smile on my face too . I have a 300GT one. Just exceeded 100k. So trying to do some periodic maintenance including a full suspension rebuild. All bushings have worn out.
  13. Thank you for the quick reply Yes. I'm having a hard time finding some parts i need. Found that nissan Teana shares some electrical parts. Other than that no luck with any body or suspension parts. Guess different measurements. And there are not much going on forums about v35s either. Found some few old posts here and that's all. Like to get to know other owners of v35s.
  14. Hi guys This is my first post. I have a 2001 Nissan Skyline V35. Its having an annoying HID light flicker and goes dead after a few minutes. Changed both HID bulbs several times. It happens in both LH and RH randomly. Any ideas how to solves this?. Could it be the ballast. I saw hooking up a resistor could solve the issue. Anyone has any experience on this? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Even though its not relevant here. Id like to ask. Does anyone know where to buy spare parts for these.wheel bearing and stuff.
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