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  1. Thank you friend appreciated your reply
  2. Thank you friend appreciated your reply
  3. Thank you friend appreciated your reply
  4. Hii, i thought middle is in between for 5 bars.. that's why i am confused
  5. Hi All, i just want to check that Corolla 141 2008 Temperature Meter value is little bit higher than mid point.. is it normal? Thank you
  6. Hi All, Corolla 141 2008 which fuel type best, Octane 92 or 95? Thank you.
  7. hmm.. yes, hopefully it will fine, Tomorrow i will drive on highway to galle, i will check and update.. thank you
  8. Hi Friends, My car battery dead and my father removed it and went to shop with old battery and bought new one and replace it. But now My car RPM totally wrong, And idea why is that? I google it and some said it will fine after couple of days.. but i really trust this forum, Pleas help me friends, Thank you
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