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  1. My personal understanding is there is no any relationship between the visual disappearance of upper display segment and engine went off while it was on park mode. If the battery is on good condition, I also think display will not come due to some settings change. However it's better if you can get an advise from a good mechanic, they may give you a better explanation.
  2. Just have a look again on 12V battery, which is located under the seat.
  3. Yes, government should have a national policy driven with a common goal for the vehicle importation. If you see 2017/2018 budget, they introduced a tax relief program for the hybrid & and Electric vehicles to promote those vehicles and put a target to change all government vehicles to hybrid & electric vehicles. Form that government expected to gain benefit from the environment wise & financially wise. But i can't see any action plan for that and on their very next budget they proposed a program for the vehicles very opposite to that and introduced luxury vehicle tax for those vehicles. I think government also have a huge role to control vehicle market with right direction.
  4. @AVANTE thank you very much for the feedback... I heard from a friend that, hybrid cars resale market exist only for 1-5 years(irrespective of it's make) and after that it's resale market value start declining... If that the case, demand for the 2014/2015/2016 hybrid cars currently at the declining stage. Is this true?
  5. Just need to understand what is the current market trend for hybrid cars, is it diminishing? if yes, what are the possible reasons for that? Welcome your ideas...
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