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  1. tobygiant

    Auto Electrician

    Hi, it's hard to find a good specialist. I would recommend you to contact a company that deals in this field, at least you will know that they guarantee the work they do and it is qualitative. I wouldn't risk entrusting myself to an unknown person. With the company, you make a contract where your rights are stipulated. That's why I always choose the services of a legal person, even when I needed electricity, I called a company electricians Sutherland. I was confident that they would do quality.
  2. tobygiant

    A vehicle loan of 4.5 million

    I think that if you have a good salary and it's all right with your credit history, there will be no problems with taking a loan from any of the banks. Recently, I was in need of money and I applied at Norwegian internet bank services and I received the money quickly and as the representative explained to me, I have an optional repayment period, it is very good, especially when I don't manage to pay the monthly rate. I don't know if you can apply for such a huge loan. But I think it would be better to discuss with a bank expert about the loan.
  3. tobygiant

    My 3 year kitchen project coming to a close..

    Oh, I'm sorry. Dude, you did a really hard job. I recently decided to start repairing the kitchen too. I realized that this is real because it takes a lot of time and money. After I finished the repair, I started looking for kitchen equipment and here I faced the main problem, in fact, there are very few reliable companies on the market that sell durable equipment and I was just lucky that I came across guys from https://ianboer.com.au/beverage/ from which I was able to buy everything I needed... So good luck!
  4. tobygiant

    Leasing Facilities

    Why take leasing at a high annual percentage if you already have 1 million. You can take the model cheaper or just take the unrequited amount from the bank at a more favorable interest. For example, I know that the guys from https://foxycredit.com/se/leasy-lan give loans up to 10,000 bucks at a very favorable interest for up to 5 years. So think about it ...