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  1. Update on this @iRage @aamarakoon @harshansenadhir I went to Toyota and they told me it is a grinding noise of the coilover and it is common. Which I eaxctly heard from the Japan toyota club member. I am going to live with this for now.
  2. 1st guy heard one or two times. 2nd guy could reproduce it everytime on a coconut garden. at sterling it came one or two times. at all 3 places they checked but couldn't identify the issue.
  3. Checked at 3 places. 1. Ex toyota employee recommended mechanic 2. Another guy recommended by a doc who had a similar sound like this. 3. Sterling recommended by C-HR club member who also had this similar issue.
  4. No. didn't grease anything. Since they couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I am pretty sure there is no play around anything because personally I was trying to pry beside them. Irrelevant to the topic I saw a link in back lower left side arm with a sensor attached it had a minor play. When inquired replied as It is by design. Their verdict was to note down instances, weight distribution at the time of the sound. Finally, insisted me to run for few miles and let the vechile make more audible noise to identify the problem. If I am to grease up where should I ? since this is my first vehicle I am no brainer in this stuff ! where would you recommend for a good garage On another note I tried this question in a Japanese C-HR club. One guy told me there is a common issue with coilover spring of C-HR where it loses tension overtime and needs to add tension again. Toyota Japan did it for free. But his sound completely different than mine.
  5. Main problem is reproducing the same sound. A similar incident to a guy from C-HR club, happens to be the sway bar needed some greasing for him (at sterling). I went there, They took me on a ride it was audible one or two times. then never. I am attaching another video. there you can see the noise clearly. Same action thrice but only heard in first time. Noise is heard at starting from 06th second. I am doing a reverse doing the same motion again the sound is no more. The front right wheel contact the concrete and makes the noise.
  6. @iRage Noises can be heard on: 01~02 secs, 09-10 secs, 22-23 secs, 29-32 secs (very clearly). It is not exactly clear in this scenario heard like duk duk but I feel like some part needs lubrication or a nut is loose kinda sound. It is heard very well on concrete road moving slowly.
  7. Checked that as well. It is also normal. Even on straight position it comes. It is like a noise that some nut is loose or needs lubrication kind of noise.
  8. I own a C-HR YOM 17. I've been hearing a noise when the whole body is uneven. and slow. (also attaching a video) There is a noise which mostly heard on right side of the vehicle. (but not sure where it is really coming from). The sound is felt on the accelerator. Tried it with a mechanic removed all wheels tested sway bar, links, bushes, rods and ball joints. Everything is perfect and normal. What could be the issue if you guys had any experience before ? Noises can be heard on: 01~02 secs, 09-10 secs, 22-23 secs, 29-32 secs (very clearly).
  9. Not the best but no accidents so far. Some minor scratches in remote areas. Roads being narrow and making way for another vehicle. Yup, as you've mentioned parts but patience is the key. Maybe it won't need parts for the first 2 years if I maintain it correctly and god help me no accidents. (Toyota Lanka wouldn't even know how to maintain though). It's just matter of time once the yaris starts to flood in SL roads. I am still in between. Finding a fairly decent vehicle is very hard these days. 95% odo fraud, abused vehicles, fake market. It is like finding a jewel in a dump. Aaah
  10. Yes. That's the one. It looks nice and better. That's a concern even I had. Base model import can cost less around 4.7m. With my added options price increased by a million. Another thing to worry about. I think I have driven more than 10K kms on. And also driven heavy vehicles around colombo. But I have never owned a vehicle and rented vehicles occasionally
  11. Guys, I've been searching for a decent car in the past and still couldn't find one. What is your take on importing a yaris 2020 hatchback 1000cc? With all the added options(LED head, panoramic view monitor, pearl white, bi color fog and more) It will cost me around 5.5million. (I feel like 5.5m is bit costly for a 1.0L but this taxation is ridiculous). And also I believe since it is Toyota resale value will be good too. or Should I stick to used vehicle as my first car ?
  12. Thanks for the expert suggestion. I am more worried about the mileage that comes with it (maintenance, resale value). Anyway I will put this on my priority list.
  13. @iRage Thanks for the detailed explanation. - I am fine with autos. - exactly. [youthful looking] spot on. but low clearance in Puttalam is a nightmare. - I read the entire thread and enlightened with it. I am having an extra few hundred thousands for some repairs that could arise. - Hybrid cars seems a no no and most of them who owns doesn't want me to buy a hybrid. on a side note: How about a premio which is a decent looking. 2013/2012 ?
  14. @iRage Car prices has changed drastically with the past threads. Yes I do agree with same sedans and stuff would be discussed. I wanted some specific advices with the above points bespoken for me.
  15. Hello guys, a new guy here and registered to get some information regarding a purchase. Also I dig deep the forums and found some interesting information. This is my first purchase I will be traveling around 400 kms once or twice per month [CMB-PTM]. Two of them will use the car I will be carrying minor stuffs Expressways, highways and less city Preference is full sedan but aqua works too Prefer both type of gears good sporty looking most importantly a good resale value since I will be getting a permit in 4-5 years. So hoping to change the car. As mentioned in the title my budget would be around of 4.5million. +0.3-0.5
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