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  1. 2011-2013 Audi A4 is my selection now with bit improved budget. I have shortlisted few cars. 1. What are the common issues of them that owners experienced or complained ? Also any areas should I pay special attention when buying ? 2. Where Can I do an inspection like Toyota inspection for A4 ?
  2. Thank you AVANTE. I saw two VW Passats below 5M. but good to hear from an owner. I'm interested about 2010-2012 Mark X .May be somewhat above my budget but seems still worth. When importing from an auction ,how much will it cost including inspection certificates and taxes paid ?
  3. Thank you iRage. Finding a good Mark X seems really hard. It's a great car. I would like to know your personal verdict on C class, 3 series & Audi A4. I hope to keep the car for sometime.
  4. Hello. I'm new to the forum but a car enthusiast since the childhood. I'm currently driving a Corolla 121 Lx limited bought in 2012. Now I'm looking to buy a car giving the priorities to comfort, good engine performance, less cabin noise and practicality respectively . My budget is maximum 5 million. I'm not much bothering resale value or maintenance costs. I would appreciate your owning experiences & recommendations of the cars that gives better options & performance for the value.
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