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  1. Yeah mate. Your right. But the thing is all the above mentioned cars are so sick 😍. Will see. I'll leave a update once I found a good piece.
  2. Well , now I'm stuck with p11and carina. Both in same price range. Since I couldn't find a decent ck or ek I'm trying to go for a different choice.
  3. Thank you brother, I didn't had about the idea of primera 😍 familia i like. But I'm looking for something little bit sporty. But I couldn't find a decent ek 3or a ck yet.
  4. Camino? P11 looks beautiful as well 💛 I'll search bit more. Thanks mate 👍
  5. Thanks man. True I could not find a decent ek 3yet due to the mods and all. And I love the looks of the lancers. I didn't search the form yet since I'm new to autolanka. Ill wait for the other recommendations. Thanks again
  6. Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a car as my first one. So far I have ck2or ck1 , Eg8 and Ek 3. My budget it somewhere between 14 to 17 lks. What is your recommendations. And I'm planning to use it as a daily driver.
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