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  1. Do yall think that I'm indecisive and irritating cuz I ask a lot of questions regarding jeeps?
  2. How much will an ex-police BJ75 Land cruiser cost at a government auction? How much will an ex-police trooper cost at an government auction?
  3. Of course I dont wanna do anything illegal
  4. Ik I ask too many questions
  5. Have u tried contacting someone in the UK and getting ur hand on a RHD American vehicle
  6. If u could get ur hands on a duty free permit/ministers permit the cost would probably be even cheaper
  7. For how much can u build urself a prado box? (By fitting a Prado Box Body On to a ex-police j70 land cruiser)
  8. I checked the body conversion documents everything is there and legit the weherahara documents.And the they also did the conversion 12 yrs ago
  9. Yah the vehicle I'm looking at has a double cab book(50-xxxx) but it has a very good engine with 4WD for a very reasonable price. And another thing If I buy this I'm gonna be using this as my second car and will not be going at high speeds in this thing,just for town running as I like a diesal SUV.
  10. Mhh cuz I found a isuzu wizard with the BIGHORN 3.1 TD AUTO for just 2 mil.
  11. But I'm not that extreme off reading type guy. I just want a jeep which has a big road presence and good height with ground clearance.Most of the time gonna be using it for city running.
  12. Yeah good mechanics are hard to come by these days.I thinks TD42 automatic transmissions are quite rare.
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