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  1. That forum was 15 yrs ago nowadays we have technology and W8 Passats are very cheap in Japan FYI Those W8 Passats in Japan are in good condition(Auction grade 4/4.5,100,000km)
  2. Can I just suggest a psycho idea? Without doing a S4 conversion why dont you buy a 'VW Passat B5 W8 4.0' from JAPAN for around JPY 1000 and fit that engine and fix Audi S4/RS4 body panels to the A4? The A4 B5 and Passat B5 share the same platform I think.
  3. Yes u are right but how about a 4D68 Swap(Diesal 2.0 with manual trans).
  4. Hold on,The mark II also came with the 1JZ-GTE with 6sp manual transmission as the Tourer V trim in Japan.
  5. Yah maybe I should go to a few auctions and buy and abused mark II JZX100 for very cheap and do a 1JZ-GTE Swap.
  6. I came across a 2000 Mitsubishi Verada(Blue) with a 3.5L Petrol V6 for just 1.3milllion.But the thing is the 3.5L engine is just scary to hear(fuel consumption and reliability). And I got an idea for an engine swap. The 1G-FE(2.0L Petrol) engine which came in the mark II and it is quite cheap too. The engine with an automatic transmission with 150,000km can be bought for Rs.160,000. Any thought or advice?? Thanks in advance.
  7. Can u get pulled over by the police for driving a 32- • Isuzu Bighorn •Toyota Box prado •Toyota J80 Land Cruiser •Nissan Y60 Patrol And can u avoid getting pulled over by re-registering it with a EK-,EC number? FYI I'm asking this because jeeps with these kind of numbers are quite cheap compared to others. Thank u
  8. Ahh so are u driving ur mini in UK without any issues. Thanks
  9. I'm just asking does this whole process take like nearly two years? Thanks...
  10. Wait wait wait hold up IMPORT LOOPHOLE maybe that's why I see a lot of RX8s with CBE- like numbers. Can anyone please explain this loophole?
  11. Mr.vag2, U happen to have a very bad attitude. I thought this forum was to ask questions like that. I dont need to go to a car sale when there is a forum to ask these types of questions. I guess all members(including u!!!) dont know the answer to the question I asked before. And FYI I'm not a impatient person I just got angry that this topic had 270 views without any answers.
  12. How much is the tax of the, ▪Toyota Hilux 2.4L Diesal ▪Mitsubishi Triton Side note - I'm thinking of bringing a reconditioned Double cab. ????????
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