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  1. Yes. It only says G. No number.
  2. There was a stone chip in a car that I recently saw in Japanese auction. (Specified as G in auction sheet). So my question is, Is it really a big issue that there is a stone chip in windscreen? Is it worth buying such a car? Will it be repairable? Any explanation would be appreciated. 😊
  3. mikey

    How to Calculate Luxury Tax

    I don't understand. It clearly says that luxury tax is based on CIF. Right? Can you please explain this more?
  4. mikey

    How to Calculate Luxury Tax

    Yes. I think third one is the way they import. They undervalue the vehicle so that CIF is below the Luxury tax free threshold. Surely, this is illegal, right? Is this a safe option since all the importers seem to do that?
  5. mikey

    How to Calculate Luxury Tax

    But why the prices hasn't changed much? For example - I was looking for Toyota CHR for permit few days ago. CIF of it is around 27 million yen (4.45 million rupees). So according to this new luxury tax should be around 1 million rupees. So the total cost for this car, CIF - Rs. 4.45 m Luxury tax - Rs. 1 m Import tax - Rs. 380,000 (for permit) Total - Around Rs. 5.9 m But when I asked from couple of importers, they all said for CHR (CIF 27 m yen) total cost would be around 5 million rupees for permit. How is this possible? They said that the Luxury tax for this vehicle is around 75,000 rupees. I'm very confused. Can you please explain this?
  6. So Koba is the highest grade in Australian market while G is the highest grade in Japanese market? And both have same features?
  7. Could someone please explain to me the difference between usual Toyota CHR imported from Japan and CHR Koba imported from Australia? Which one is better and recommended?
  8. I don't think this is valid now. The import tax has been increased. And the Luxury tax is also calculated according to CIF value. This is the old luxury tax. But thank you for sharing.
  9. According to the revised version of Luxury Tax, all cars which exceeed the CIF value 3.5 million are subjected to Luxury tax. But small cars will be exempted from the tax. "Accordingly, Toyota Vitz, Suzuki Every, Toyota Roomy, Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Baleno, Daihatsu Petrol, Honda Grace, Suzuki Wagon R, Toyota Aqua are not subjected to this luxury tax. Also normal Axio, Premio and Allion models will also be free from the luxury tax." - copied from a newspaper website. So no mentioning of CHR. So that means CHR and new Toyota Corolla have been affected by Luxury Tax?????
  10. Ahh. Yes I did the math. According to Toyota Corolla CIF is about 4 million. So you're correct. The permit price of 3.6 million has been used and so the permit price of Corolla is about 4.7 million. Thank you for helping me to understand. But Toyota Corolla only comes with Manual transmission(According to manufacturer website) . So it's not an option. So I can go to a CHR or Low mileage Axio. Could you please tell me your preference?
  11. Are you sure that I can get the full value of permit for 1.2 L cars? I saw in an importer website listed New Toyota Corolla 1.2 L for 4.7 million for permit holders and 6.8 million for non permit. So the difference is 2.1 million for the permit? And the tax was also increased to 4.16 million, right?
  12. Thank you for the review and explanation. It helps a lot. 😊😊
  13. Yes. The other option is either Honda or Premio/Allion (which exceeds my budget). So I'll consider 1.2 L options. 😊😊 Thank you to both of you. But the problem is Toyota Corolla 1.2L permit price is around 5 million (because I don't get the total 3.6 million advantage of permit). And also I can buy a low mileage Toyota Axio from the auction for the same price. Are my calculations right? 😊