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  1. Haha, yeah running with the time so. Otherwise, I'd like to have a fun time, does not hurt. 😄 Yeah I am thinking about that. But my budget does not seem fit these days so, difficult to say if I would. But thank you, you got a point.
  2. Thank you very much! Especially the time taken and the content is very valuable for anyone who has the same question as I. ❤️ This further narrows down my search, so I appreciate it very much!
  3. Thank you! I will check. Appreciate it! 😃
  4. @GayanR @Hyaenidae 😄 guys, don't worry about that. Ain't this a forum where there are experts on the subject matter? So you can contribute to its professionalism by sharing what your experience cars. Not the miseries in your personal lives. As a matter of fact, I am totally open-minded when it comes to that matter. Just FYI so judging on unparalleled subject is a logical fallacy. Haha. Just kidding k. On the philosophical side, I am more into the realistic issues. A wife will at least earn something for you. A car is one's lifetime earnings. So, nothing wrong to be systematic. That what I do things. I am not in a romance with a car and not expecting to purchase one and sell it to another and make his/her life miserable. But people do and their moral principles made selecting a used car this much difficult. But I hope we can stick to the cars. 😇
  5. @iRage @AbeysinghE @HaeylM @matroska Sorry guys, was busy with stuff. Yes guys I have the following list of cars that I came up with. I would like to know if it fits my needs though. Not an easy task as I experienced to find one that works with the budget as well as well-maintained. Sedans Yaris, Belta, Lancer SC3 and others mentioned by you guys - but difficult to find for the price a well-maintained car, and too old - most cars have been heavily used and not well maintained 😔 Any suggestions? Ford Fiesta 2011 - some say this has issues with transmission Peugeot 407 Hatchbacks Vitz - at least a 2010 Perodua Axia Suzuki Swift Peugeot 308 Honda Fit/Aqua also on the list - although the NiMH and especially Li-Ion battery decays and I do not commute frequently so I wonder if this fits If you guys can say pros and cons, driving experience I always appreciate it much! I know we cannot find the perfect match but something that can last for some time. Thanks much!
  6. Thanks very much for your input guys. I really appreciate it. Looks like there is a misunderstanding here. I am absolutely not showing attitudes and not expecting such as an adult. I have added this criteria because it would be easy for you and me and not to waste your valuable time. Not demanding anything. I have discussed with people in Facebook and other social networks. At the end of the day I can see some of them had not even used the models they recommend and they have no idea of the current market value (I already performed extensive search on current market and obtained a list of prices, negotiated with owners through multiple sites in LK). But I saw here there are people with good experience. So I do not think you guys need to take this as an offense. Haha 😄 As an IT expert, management expert I assist people through many forums and social networks sharing experience and expert advice if needed (Stack Exchange, etc). What I see most of the time is the questions are unstructured, wastes people's time and people are full of opinions without actual experience. So I do not think a well-structured question cannot hurt anyone but I am surprised to see people are getting the wrong idea here. My expectation is simple. 1. Previously owned/currently own the recommending models - home use - I added this because this is my scenario and most of you guys must already have this experience as this is the basic. At least someone who drove the car. As simple as that 😄 2. Or an engineer who is aware of the issues - I used "OR" because it is better if I can get more expert advice about technical issues if there is any, not a must to be an engineer. A technician like me (I am not an expert in this field) is always welcome because you guys do day to day maintenance and fixes so already have a good idea. 3. And, must know the current market price and the price must not exceed 3 million rupees - I discussed with several people for several days and their recommendations are more than what I can afford so I feel like they did not know about the current market prices (Some of them even do not live in LK any longer). I believe this clarifies my idea here. I am not looking for "excellency". This is added out of my experience to make it easy for the guys who have the right experience. So, please do not get me wrong here. 😉 p.s. I have made the changes to the following 😊 The advisers - good to have Previously owned/currently own the recommending models - home use (at least drove for a period of time) Or an technician or engineer who is aware of the day to day issues - this is not a must And, a good idea in the current market price and the price must not exceed 3 million rupees
  7. Hi guys, I am planning to buy my first car and I do not have much experience in maintaining cars at this point. I am studying. I would like to get your advice on what to select. Here is my criteria. 3 million or less Low frequency in terms of maintenance issues Parts must be available (it is OK if it is not that cheap) Better comfort and handling I am not a frequent traveler and not driving in traffic jam (less frequently) I am not looking for/to 10 - 20 year old cars in reality less maintained and owned by multiple people Not looking to get rid of the car within an year or two Fuel consumption is not a huge issue No issue with the manufacturing country unless the models have serious flaws - I like Japanese, European, Malaysian, etc. The advisers - good to have Previously owned/currently own the recommending models - home use (at least drove for a period of time) Or an technician or engineer who is aware of the day to day issues - this is not a must And, a good idea in the current market price and the price must not exceed 3 million rupees What advice? Please recommend the models, price and maintenance schedule if possible with price if you are aware of it (or point me to the right direction for me to find it) What documents to check and how? What tests/inspections to do before I make a decision? I really appreciate your input and time! Thank you!
  8. Thanks very much guys. My first choice was Bezza. Had some doubts. My personal pref. is sedan-like designs. I had to deal with some financial issues due to an employment issue (dead CEO). I am building a list now so that I can come up with more technical questions about these cars. I appreciate very much! I hope you guys can answer Avante's question.
  9. Thank you! Perodua is on the list. I will check Hyundai as well. Thanks for both of you!
  10. Hi, I am new to the forum so I apologize if I make mistakes. I am expecting to select (no purchasing decision yet) a car given the following criteria. So, I appreciate your help. Please also let me know if I can get professional suggestions in the forum. My criteria is as follows. Cost around 3.5 to 4 mil. Must be brand new. Robustness and build quality. Safety. Maintenance cost. Fuel efficiency. So, 1 - 6 are the most important to least important. This does not mean f/e is not a concern. It is somewhat as I live in an urban area but do not travel often in traffic. But I am open to your suggestions. Much appreciated. Thank you!
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