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  1. Its for more than 70km/h, just for 71km/h
  2. I got a office vehicle with free fuel and decided to go for more comfortable Premio for my personal use.
  3. TkS lot for your advice Dee Jay
  4. TkS Dee Jay, Sure with millage. Sri lanka starting millage 25km and did all services at toyota lanka (according to given Toyota Lanka records & emmisson test reports). Steering rack , CV & Bushes not check. How they check ? Tks
  5. Yes , Aqua & AXIO. I had Aqua 2012 did 33.7km/l in express way. My cosine one did 33.5km/l. Other brand hear many problems
  6. I have a Premio 260 2013 model done only 38000km. When it going via like railway crossing hear a sound from front suspension (also small sound via steering at same time). Checked with a mechanic , no fault found in bolt joints, rack ends. When the car going via bad roads also hear uncommon sound from Front Right side . Some time turning steering turning while the car in stop mode hear a TOk sound. What will be these?
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