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  1. Thank you @Hyaenidae it's really helpful to me. I will check it.
  2. Anyway guys do you have an idea about a place to find 4D68 Engine Parts these days ? They aren't available in agents. So very hard to find. I need to find the lower Housing parts of my 4D68 Engine where the Oil Pump is fitted since it has been damaged badly due to an water leak of the water pump. Any help would be greatly helpful. @iRage , @Devinda_Z , @tiv , @Twin Turbo
  3. @Devinda_Z Thanks a lot mate. I will check it.
  4. @iRage When i mention the performance, i didn't compare it with patrol engines over 1800cc or 2000cc. Yes. I intended about patrol engine with engine capacity of 1200cc to 1600cc. Lancer goes very well with them since i have driven several other patrol vehicles even it is this much old. About my mechanic he is an expert in patrol engine not diesel ones and that's why he was much pleased after driving this car for several days during it's engine mount replacements. I will give up on the body kit idea because of all the information provided by you guys. Still have some engine modifications through 😊😊 Regarding your side skirts and lip for the original CB8, I was actually hoping for those and a spoiler. But it's pretty hard to find those came for the original design. Do you know a better place to look and what about the spoiler, does that also affect the solid look ? Give me your ideas.
  5. @Devinda_Z Thank you for the information and i will look forward to it. When you mention D*MO, can i know a little more about their services including their service stations, where do they available, how about the quality of their parts ? Hmm. Yes, you have a point of not adding the body kit and i highly consider it. Thank you.
  6. @iRage I get the point that you are expressing mate. Thanks for that. Yes, It's a bit weird to see a diesel car with Evolution body kit since the engine sound is also high. But believe me i've been wondering few different ideas with the car and not intending to sell it. Might not be practical but i would like to try out some new concepts. Believe me the patrol version of this CB8 version is lower in performance than this diesel engine. One of my best mechanics told me that and even told me not to sell it 😄😄 As for the Turbo option this engine got a turbo version naming 4D68T that i'm not very much familiar with. Wasn't hoping to do that due to the lack of time and lack of good mechanics 🤔🤔
  7. Thank you @fiat fan I would like to. But not hoping to do any serious conversions since i'm doing these in my leisure times apart from studies. I'm hoping to do some upgrades to my engine section and add a body kit for better air flow cutting style. 🙂👍
  8. @hrm Nice to see yours as well mate. Actually this was also the first permit car of my father and he bought it the year i was born. So now mine is in the similar age of me 😊 But among my dad's other 2 vehicles this one is my favorite and i'm now keeping it for myself. My father hasn't used the car for exceeding an overall of 100000KM in milege and now it's 1,08,000KM. I'm hoping to use it for several years and hoping to do some engine upgrades for better performance through JDM. Actually current performance is very good as i say toyota belta and most cars can't go face to face with this 2.0D Lancer guy 😊 Thank you for sharing your experience with me mate 👍👍
  9. @iRage Yes. I have also seen some CB8 with over modification that doesn't suit them at all. Not hoping to do many modifications, I'm just hoping to add the Evolution 3 body kit to mine and a few engine modifications by replacing some parts like radiator, air intake system, etc.. for better performance. 🙂🙂
  10. Also i just repaired my car recently and now it's stunning in my view. Hoping to do few engine bay and body kit upgrades recently.
  11. Guys i need help. Do you know a better place for a diesel pump and injector calibrations ? Also i need to know whether there are good places to do a exhaust clean in my car ? Thanks for all your ideas on gearbox upgrade. Now i'm getting used to my manual one and it's much effective against the automatic one i guess.
  12. Thank you also for your answer @alds. You are right these days its very hard find a proper mechanism who do such wok properly. Thx for the advice !!
  13. Thank for the advice @tiv. I will look forward for your advice. There is a considerable meaning of your advice since the model is too old and if i need to convert manual gearbox to auto i also need to upgrade my radiator along with several modifications. So true it's a very hard job. Thx for informing.
  14. Hello everyone. I have a mitsubishi lancer 1993 body type CB8A and engine 4D68. I have recently done an engine tuneup and performance tuneup. My vehicle has manual 5 speed transmission and i need any advice from you all about upgrading manual transmission to automatic transmission. Which automatic gearbox suits my engine ? My vehicles 4D68 Engine is non turbo diesel one. Later came a model in 1994 which had 4D68 Turbo engine with automatic transmission. Any advice would be helpful.
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