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  1. I got this kit from my friend's car. This is original japan modulo kit except front lip. Front lip Taiwan. Used japan modulo kit now days going around 80k - 90k. But very rare to find. Wow congratulate on your future purchase mate ❤️
  2. Thanks mate, sure I will post the modification & maintenance I did.
  3. No bro, I had to wait wait wait... Until some one bring down the Kit. There're plenty of places who bring Mugen kits. But This Modulo one is hard to find
  4. Hello their enthusiasts. It's been almost one a year with her. So I think this is a good time to share some pics of her with you guys.
  5. Congratulations m8 ! The car looks pretty clean. Keep updating the thread. Cheer's
  6. Thanks m8. Will update after I fitted the kit.
  7. Wow Same same as mine ❤️ Yes bro, this is very good car in both sides
  8. Hello Guys, It's been a while from my last update. 😁 So I decided to share some photos of my ride with you. So far, I didn't do any modifications to her. But I'm hoping to install a new body kit for her. Will update the thread after the modifications. 😜 Until then enjoy the pictures. 😷
  9. Wooh, What a nice ride mate! Congratulations
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