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  1. Congratulations m8 ! The car looks pretty clean. Keep updating the thread. Cheer's
  2. Thanks mate ❀️
  3. Thanks m8. Will update after I fitted the kit.
  4. Wow Same same as mine ❀️ Yes bro, this is very good car in both sides
  5. Hello Guys, It's been a while from my last update. 😁 So I decided to share some photos of my ride with you. So far, I didn't do any modifications to her. But I'm hoping to install a new body kit for her. Will update the thread after the modifications. 😜 Until then enjoy the pictures. 😷
  6. Wooh, What a nice ride mate! Congratulations
  7. Thanks πŸ€—. Actually It was not easy for me. I inspected more than 5 Fd's as I remember. Among them, I put 2 cars into inspection centers. After additional tests, I had to reject both of those because of lots of maintenance issues. Sadly I had to pay for it. But I think that payment was a good investment. Once @Hyaenidae said,
  8. Thanks mate πŸ€— She already equipped beige color 3d floor mats. I think those are good enough for now πŸ˜‰
  9. Thank you πŸ€— Sure, I'll update this thread regularly.
  10. Yes, she is. Thanks mate πŸ€—
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