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  1. Hi All, I bought a vios 2007 (Belta body) recently. Inspection report highlights few running repairs to be done. 1. Weak tie rod ends & steering rack play present 2. Crank shaft oil seal leak - fly wheel side 3. Front right drive shaft oil seal leak 4. Front & rear lower arm bushes cracks. 5. Front multi links leaking grease. I need your advice on this. Specially a good reliable & economical place to do this things. Thanks
  2. thanks for the straight fwd answer
  3. Thanks alot bro
  4. Thanks for the reply. Ya it is a toyota report.This is a report given us by the seller. Actually we dont know about its past,. Can we use this battery for good 3,4 years?
  5. Hello Peeps, One of my friend is going to buy a used hybrid (2013) & got this hybrid battery report. Actually we are clueless what it says. We are more than grateful if any one could shed some light on this. TIA
  6. Hi All, I am planning to go for a mazda3 facelift 2012-1013. My budget id around 3.5mil. Pls shed some light. 1. Maintenance 2. Parts availability 3. fuel consumption 4. Comfortability P.S. I havent use mazda before
  7. Thanks bro. True that. Its comfy & fancy for its second hand price.
  8. Poor peeps like us cant afford toyata :D. Therefore thinking of cheap sesky elantra
  9. Hi Guys, I would like to know ur opinions on Hyundai elantra 2012 model. Pls cover below things Fuel consumption (in traffic , out of city) Spare parts availability & cost of spares Any known common issues Maintenance cost TIA
  10. I wonder why there are so many MGs on the road but very few vitaras though the price gap isnt that much 😏
  11. Yes bro. This heart cant understand brain's logic. Thanks for the advice
  12. Thanks. All the facts you have mentioned is very correct. But personally I love SUV. Dont know why
  13. Ha ha indeed. But poor ppl like me want only the SUV like look. Never think abt offroading. Thank you.
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