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  1. Where I can buy FD4 power steering rack? I contacted Stafford and currently they don't have it.
  2. I just replace rack and pinion of left and right side power mirrors. So I had to disconnect the power cables of the diver side and the front passenger side. Now my power mirrors are working well. But all power windows are not going all the way down! those are stops around 2 inches before. Any help?
  3. How much a timing belt will cost?
  4. Hey guys, I'm interested to buy FD1/FD4. What maintain records should I look over 100000Km driven one? And what are the other facts to consider?
  5. Hey guys, What is the current market price of well maintained FD1 and FD4?
  6. Hey guys, I hope to buy an FD1 or FD4. What is the current market price of a well-maintained one?
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