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  1. Looks promising and probably better than Venue when it comes to service and spare-parts. Also it's manufactured in Japan they say.
  2. Ford spare-parts is a joke in SL. If that happens RIP FerrarišŸ˜‚
  3. It doesn't look bad, true. But Vitara is better and looks more spacious than Venue. Venue is 5.2 mil and Vitara is around 6.5mil? Warranty is 3 years or 100k km whichever occurs first. Fuel economy they say 12kmpl in city limits and highways 18kmpl.
  4. Exactly! That's the worry. However they say they have all experts and going to shift the service centre to Colombo HQ. Don't know if it would be similar to MG service at Micro or Ford services at Softlogic (they don't have knowledgeable people for Ford and had some bad experiences) though.
  5. Thanks. Agreed. I too have a doubt about the brand as many people say Korean brands have only the looks and give more trouble than mainstream brands. Abans is to take over the dealership totally by end of December and claim they are going to bring the service centre to Colombo HQ. But I heard some complaints about overall Hyundai service in SL. I had had a test drive and the impression was good. Plus I like the looks of it though it's bit too 'compact'. Abans claim that they have sold about 20 units in the past 2 weeks whereas Hyundai Lanka too has sold some units. I am doubtful about the service though. Vitara seems good but exceeds my budget. Didn't consider Baleno but heard some people had negative comments about it.
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