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  1. @Devinda_Z actually i only used the car for 7000km. Bought it from the 1st owner. I dont know about the date which he last replaced the plugs. But I asked garage to replace them if needed when they did the engine tuneup. They said it was not required. About the CVT oil, I changed CVT oil in the first week after buying the car. That was about six months ago. @iRage Sure I'll go for the mount replacement too. I couldn't do do the diagnostic reading after this issue came up. Sure I'll do that too. So It's better to go through the engine tune up process first right ? May be change the plugs too.
  2. @Hyaenidae Hi, As i said to @iRage This thing is not visible so cannot be recorded. But can feel it when inside the car. Also this jerk does not come when i accelerate from 0.
  3. Hi iRage, Thank you for the reply. I have replaced the fuel pump 2 months ago. also did a engine tuneup along with it. But did not replace the plugs yet. The car is on 100k mileage. One engine mount has gone bad but not to the state that it should be replaced right away. Fuel filter is less than one month old. But this problem was also recognized around the same time as the fuel filter was replaced (along with the service). I also have noticed that when i take the foot away from the paddle RPM reduces rapidly (than usual). since i have done the engine tuneup recently i thought it won't be required. Do you suggest to go for a fuel path cleanup and engine tuneup ? also regarding a video, This jerk cannot be taken into a video it only feels and not visible . I will try to record rpm meter. When i put the gear into neutral and press the accelerator there's not such abnormal behavior in RPM meter. But when i drive RPM meter also fluctuates heavily. (But this could be again normal behavior)
  4. Hi everyone, I feel a jerk when pressing the accelerator at low speeds in my axio 2008. This often happens when car is traveling at about 10 - 30 kmph and when i take the foot out of the accelerator and then start again to accelerate. Just when i start to accelerate car jumps a little. I also found a same thread with this problem here. http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/13402-toyota-axio-jerkingvibration-problem/ This is kind of exactly my problem too. But unfortunately i couldn't find an answer there. I took it to two mechanics and they couldn't say anything exactly and they suggests things like engine tune-up. Is there anyone who faced the same problem ? what could this be ?
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