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  1. OMG the horror stories on 1KR-FE vibration issues Ive ditched the idea of 1L toyota ! Are suzuki 1L, honda 1L engines fall into the same category or its only toyota ? my new choices MUST be 4 pots 1. Preface-lift vitz 1.3 2. Second gen vitz 1.3 (bola vitz)
  2. Harriers are expensive, I don't think they fit my budget ! even a 2006-2007 model ! The issue is even 30kmph coroners are unbearable let alone 40 ! But I agree its a decent vehicle for driving around kandy ! but for winding roads I am not sure ! What car do you own ? @iRage Again I like the idea of Terios/Rush ! Im going to search the forums for old posts
  3. Thank you for the reply Ultra racing are they based in Malaysia ? I just wanna corner at 40-50 kmph not planning on attacking apexes and racing lines My question is even in 40kmph is there lot of body roll ?
  4. I did not know that ! GR and GRMN are two different vehicles ! No interest in them I was just bumping ideas Ive stopped looking for the new vitz, my idea is not pre face lift 2016 vitz I will try to find a 1.3 if I cant get it I am settling down for a 1.0 This one
  5. Yeap that sounds good I will testdrive and may be go for a vitz 1.0 I thought vitz only came 1.0 and 1.6 GRMN they do have vitz 1.3 isnt it ! https://www.tc-v.com/used_car/toyota/vitz/?fid=2017&sds=1300 Any guess on how much it would cost to bring down a 1.3 UPDATE - LOL obviously not now only when SL opens up imports or I saw some 2015 1.3 on i*man ! may be go for a used one !
  6. @matrosk frequent travel on narrow roads + pot holes @Supra_Natural Drove a 2007 mazda 3 I love them mazdas, even though its a great car unfortunately I am sticking with the mainstream crappy models for resell value safety & spare parts even for every I faced a oil burning trouble and fixing it was a difficult issue had to go to garage and wait all day @iRage What model year vitz are you talking about ? cuz RS versions are only available for older models isnt it current one has a GRMN trim I like the Daihatsu Terios idea ! if its FWD I am okay with it every's and most RWD vans lack rear wheel traction ! BTW @GK_007 I agree on your point ! it is subjective, I should plan on renting couple of these cars and driving to nuwara eliya If I arrange my list my priority is 1. Kandy Nuwara eliya travel 2. Rear passenger comfort (wife and kid goes from right to left in every if I take a corner at 40 kmph, I have slow down to 20kmph for corners ) 3. I might compromise on ground clearance but not on the compact Swift, Passo, Tank & Terios BTW for me 40kmph cornor is more than enough Im not a street racer ! I guess the issue is moving from Every I might feel all of the above cars has less body roll I am trying to pick yalls brains to get to better decision ! Does UK model swift has enough ground clearance ? without the body kit ?
  7. This is a rant + seeking advice so bare with me also I have read most of the threads on comparing these cars but still I have specific doubts My use case - 1 Weekend drive kandy to nuwara eliya (Every week) 2 Driving within gampola/nawala pitiya suburbia ! I really like what I have now its an AWD DA64 Every wagon, its small, compact, Lot of space K van with 64hp thats more than enough for me. Also I really like the AWD its entry level but helped me lot of times (every RWD vans have this issue of rear wheel spin) The bummer is body roll its unbearable ! People are telling me to go for big tires wider (boku) alloy wheels, nope I want things to be stock (will change alloy wheels of correct size but not wider ones ) Now mine does 8kmpl city with 4 passengers and long drive 9-10kmpl thats okayish for me My budget is around 3.5 - 4.5 Million but I am looking for practicality (A to B, dicky space, less body roll, basic options, compact vehicle) My choices I love the new swift but it lacks ground clearance 120mm is not enough 😟 New vitz hmmm all of you guys were complaining about it comparing it for a CR42 so meh.. (145 mm is enough but what about rear passenger seats and dicky space ) New Passo same engine but if I get a boon I can save a lot, BANG for BUCK ! (concern is body roll ?) Tank/Roomy spacious vehicle (again concern is body roll ?) Also vitz 2010-2012 1.3 or RS versions its an old car but I like the RS version I have no issue with having more hp, its just compact ones are most of the time lacks hp UPDATE - I dont like turbos Im going NA Guys please advice read most of these threads http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/21383-what-is-an-suspension-upgrade-for-a-vitz-and-howwhere-to-get-it-done/ http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/21477-vitz-or-wagon-r-turbo/ http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/21509-buying-a-new-vitz/ http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/21088-vitz-safety-editions/
  8. The only thing that worries me is the iDCD Dual Clutch 😟 transmission !
  9. I am looking for the english owners manual of this car if anyone have it please share the link
  10. I could not find an original valve but replaced with a recondition, the problem has reduced 95% but when I start in the morning little bit of white smoke coming for 1-2 seconds (not that thick white smoke ) next oil change I am thinking about switching to a full synthetic 5w30
  11. I am going to start with the PCV valve, will replace it this weekend and pray the problem goes away 🤞 https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/394549/white+smoke+coming+out+if+exhaust+when+I+first+start+it+in+the+morning
  12. Hey guys new to aL ! I Bought an every turbo van last December and did not know anything about oil types a***m*** experts 😕 put 10w30 and next oil change also went for 10w30 Now after some advice changed to 5w30 vehicle is smooth and gives better mileage but white smoke on cold start (Mileage 58k) Can anyone please advice
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