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  1. Ekendraed

    GT Tyres

    Thank you everone for your respones. Much appreciated
  2. Ekendraed

    GT Tyres

    Thanks...buying from Richard Pieris..new stocks arriving this week. Costing nearly 100k!!!
  3. Ekendraed

    GT Tyres

  4. Ekendraed

    GT Tyres

    Perhaps Magnum should contact Richard Pieris & Company and make an official complaint...
  5. Ekendraed

    GT Tyres

    Hyundai Tucson 2012 diesel
  6. Ekendraed

    GT Tyres

    I have been using Nexen for quite some time. I have so far done over 50k kms and have had no issues.. Perhaps the M & S tyres were not meant to be used for normal road use? I am buying the tyres directly from the importer and the shipment is due anytime now...so fresh stocks
  7. Ekendraed

    GT Tyres

    Thank you alpha17. Unfortunately Maxix is not available at the dealer near me and he is offering me NAKEN or SILVERSTONE tyres, Are these OK?? The other option is NEXEN tyres. These are good
  8. Ekendraed

    GT Tyres

    My dealer is suggesting that I buy GT TYRES made in Indonesia.. Are these tyres good?