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  1. There's a concept in medicine called synergism ,, where one drug brings up the efficacy of another ,, And another one called antagonism (self explanatory) .. Will the raize synergize the rocky .. (salesmen will say,, hey it's a Toyota with a daihatsu badge ) Or will there be antagonism. (If rocky gets cheaper People won't pay a higher sum for the raize either, since it's basically the same car)
  2. Not much value for the permit anyways.. Apparently the daihatsu one has landed here before the Toyota one,, and most of the FB pages are renaming their page names to Toyota Raize/daihatsu rocky fan page, owners club etc etc 🀣.. But this is going to be interesting folks,, there will be a dilemma for car salesman ,, how to sell the daihatsu after hyping the Toyota .. what would the price be. . Because now while you can't push up the Toyota price ,, Without downplaying the rocky .. I'm yet to see the price for the rocky..
  3. Guys what do you think..?? It's finally here.. man we waited for this one like an overseas hubby waiting for his wifey πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  4. Anyways i might run into her tomorrow (intentionally by accident πŸ˜‰),, if so would take a good look at the interior and some more pics maybe.. I'll post it on the post whoring thread so as not to ruin this thread.. but yeah back to the topic.. Not being restricted to a single brand may have it's perks.. I'm a very cowardly/play it safe Toyota guy ,, but yeah.. we miss out on some ways.. So yeah look into other options as well I guess..
  5. Hehe true.. But it's huuuge man.. It's like a small spaceship .. Like really really long .. My Suzuki Stingray felt like a Jordi el nino standing next to Marie phoenix
  6. She did open the door and let me have a look inside.. it's a Mazda axela Australian domestic, looked awesome inside as well.. She did say " do you want a give it a ride ,, Malli "" .. I think she mallizoned me..😣
  7. Cheeeeeee😊😊😊πŸ€ͺ
  8. Ah you Mazda people πŸ˜›πŸ˜›.. Saw a sleek white 2litre mzd the other day though,, a sleek beauty driven by a sleek beauty,, she said it only cost her 56lakhs ,,(must be before the tax hike).. She was nice enough to let me take a pic of it
  9. Everyone is going crazy about the new "Toyota" Raize ,, the lower spec will be around 52 .. Give it a go
  10. I had to dig deep.. the saga gets interesting around 2013 .. With posts such as ..11 Reasons Why Hybrid Cars Are Better Than You Think.. came across some more legends..komisiripala etc etc.. hmm.. It felt like the Jurassic era reading that thread.. a scary yet an interesting era.. Full of hostile behemoths
  11. Some origins story please!!!!.. What's going on here..
  12. Kudos to your guts ,, to go offroading with that ground clearance...
  13. Came across this... Hmm .. Might be an option!!!
  14. Saw this at a car sale website,, this was before election though.. I donno of this is implements
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