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  1. I own a wagon R Stingray 2018 .. The hybrid battery warranty is only five years.. So I do not advise buying an older generation (mh44) wagon R .. For your budget ,, as your first car the Suzuki alto is a good bet ,, reliable, fuel efficient etc etc
  2. Ranjitha

    How does permit work?

    Raize is 32-38 CIF and 20 in tax.. So your permit (which is 3.6) will take off that 20 .. But it's like going to the shop with a one time voucher worth 3600 rs and buying goods worth 2000 thefullvalue of the permit won't be realised.. if you are getting a permit . From the government. Raize is a no no..(maybe buy a chr , then sell it,, buy the raize pocket the extra cash) If you are buying a permit... Targeting a raize ,, please don't.. just go ahead and buy it without a permit
  3. Ranjitha

    Government Permit

    Do you know that there's a Facebook page called Toyota Raize owners and fan club Sri Lanka !!!😲😲😲
  4. Dude chill.. It's genuinely helpful.. You can't get first hand , hard cold facts like this from anyone on any Facebook page .. These guys are legit.. But they won't sugar coat information.. but I see no harm intended at you brother.. Don't worry no one is laughing at you, .. Also for a guy who can afford a 4-6 mil bulk for his first car .. I must say you are living a luxury life.. so don't think that anyone was condescending.. I'm a doctor and I saved up five years to buy my first car,,( which started out as a 30 mill aqua in 2013 when I first started saving,, but ended up as a Suzuki Stingray wagon R 😂 thanks to tax hikes) .. So I think you have no right to feel disheartened.. Cheer up dude.. With this budget you have a lot of options.. Don't worry
  5. Love the pics iraj 😉.. But I sense some sarcasm in that reply.. The string of photo comparisons you dished out made me laugh out loud....🤣🤣 Which was not a good idea since I was studying in a library..😬😬😬.. Now I'm getting looks from the librarian
  6. Ranjitha

    Government Permit

    Awww glad to be the first one who raized the alarm here .. My post "Raize the new kid on the block" Seriously though please don't screw up my first permit
  7. Ranjitha

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    And this people ,, is the reason why I post here,, genuine first hand information .. I was actually considering this for my permit Thanks for saving me a heap of trouble , Mr irag San ,,I owe you one
  8. Ranjitha

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    True ,, Vitara is more time tested,, but in Sri Lanka the raize has that Toyota market xfactor ,, I guess that would be a major reason for it to outsell the Vitara (IF it does) ..
  9. Ranjitha

    Toyota Raize : the new kid on the block

    That's what bothers me it has several links to other places ,, will have to wait and see ,a potential alternative for c-hr .. But not the best buy for the permit as the tax is only 20 (my permit is 36.5) Got a quotation for one though.. 🚗Toyota Raize. 👍Brand new ✔Starting from 5.2 million ⭕Toyota Raize is on offer in 4 variants of X, XS, G and Z. Here Raize X is base variant and Raize Z is top variant. ⭕Standard safety features on all models – Collision warning function (for vehicles and pedestrians) / Collision avoidance support brake function (for vehicles and pedestrians) – Sign recognition function (no entry) – Leading vehicle start notification function – Lane departure warning function / Lane departure suppression control function – Blind spot monitor (BSM) – Auto high beam – Brake control with erroneous start suppression control function (front and rear) ⭕Top end / optional features – ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) with full vehicle speed tracking function – Lane Keep Control (LKC)-Smart – Panorama Parking Assist – Panoramic sunroof – Side View Lamp – Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) – Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) ⭕2020 TOYOTA RAIZE 1.0L Turbo RAIZE Z: 58.40 lakhs RAIZE G: 55.75 lakhs RAIZE XS: 53.30 lakhs RAIZE X: 52.25 lakhs ⭕Options Spare tire: 17000lkr Special color : +0lkr( B86, R67, S28, T32, X07) +51000lkr(W25, B82) +85000lkr (X95,XH6) or 119000 lkr(XH3) ⭕EXTERIOR COLOR B82 Laser blue crystal shine +51000lkr B86 Turquoise blue mica metallic R67 Fire quartz red metallic S28 Bright silver metallic T32 Natural beige mica metallic W25 Shining white pearl +56100 lkr X07 Black mica metallic X95 Black*Bright silver M +93500 lkr XH3 Black*Shining white P +130900 lkr XH6 Black*Turquoise blue mica M +93500lkr Seen in some other forum
  10. Looks like there's a new kid on the block.. Any impressions??
  11. So I came across this car prices list meticulously put together by this car sales website .. hope this will be useful for potential car hunters.. what do you think about the prices guys https://carkade.com/japanese-cars-import/vehicle prices for permit holders in sri lanka.php
  12. Ranjitha

    Vehicle Prices For The Permit

    I guess this is how the forum went cold.. a lot of bullying I guess
  13. Ranjitha

    Dr's permit 2019 , budget of 3-5mn

    There is an incoming luxury tax alteration neda ,, Apparently anything above 3.5 mil CIF is going to be taxable.. so yes time to buy a Maruti using my permit 😭🤣😭🤣
  14. Ranjitha

    Help me to find a car

    Have you considered a Stingray ? I had the same conundrum two years ago (a broke junior doctor,, permit in two years time) ,,I got a Suzuki Stingray ,, which is a kei car ,, has a tall structure, heaps of space,, and allegedly 34km/l hybrid ,,(mine does around 20 in the hill country) .. It has all the fancy stuff like,, lane departure warning, Lazer brakes, etc etc .. I bought mine brand-new 2018 Stingray for 33lakhs ,, But I know the government hiked the prizes ,, but still I think you'll be able to get a good deal .. Also keep in mind there are a few variants .. 1) Stingray 4wd turbo (don't buy) 2) wagon R Stingray 3) wagon R fz 4) wagon R safety 5) wagon R non safety And last and the least the A*W one... Check the Facebook page wagon R owners club for more details.. . Personally I'm thrilled with my wagon R .. and just like me ,, after a two year stint once you get the permit you can aim for something really hot ..