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  1. Got an interesting idea. As long as the car owner doesn't mind the smoke machine. Not sure I'd go with that barebulb flash like this, and I will put a colour gel on it, but definitely idea. I'm sure I can get plenty of volunteers for assistants if I post the plan here, right?
  2. Coz the old timers from when I started will tell you of modifest 2007 and the shaky hands pics of the ladies 🙄 This was pre-SLR days.
  3. Reminds me, you can follow my photo page at https://www.instagram.com/preveen_rodrigo_photography Better that than my personal page, which is transitioning into less fancy stuff
  4. I think that battery improvement is the main takeaway from this article.
  5. 300km in a island this size? For a city runabout sized vehicle?
  6. Interesting. Little bit of Crystal Ball Gazing, but if things happen as predicted, interesting. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesmorris/2020/09/26/teslas-25000-electric-car-means-game-over-for-gas-and-oil/?fbclid=IwAR0md8UHNv6VJ1HQcqmj5lyYJd7z_C5Dv998qMlnhNRGB7ujVTxtQQx3lu0#1c041d8a1ee7
  7. Well, that was a trip down memory lane. As far as my ugly mug, I prefer being on the other end of the camera, so...
  8. Set your reminders on 🤩😁
  9. Why post on an automotive forum? First car is mentioned. And quite a nice pick it is too.
  10. Very reminiscent of the 180SX, that backside. Very old school. Front lights, I'm not too sure about. You think they are trying to harken back to the round light models like the 240?
  11. Besides the point. I didn't say I enjoyed driving something else more, I still fanboi
  12. With a name like Grond, yeah, I believe you.
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