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  1. Pericles

    Digital Camera Photography

    I would say so! The restriction is on the device, not the subject. Maybe I'll upload some bridals
  2. Pericles

    I am buying proton gen2

    You make a good point, but when I was in KL last year, there were tons of Gen2 being used as taxi's, and I had a chat with an uber driver who was using one. I guess the used parts market is strong, so they can do lots of running as taxis, and the running stuff like oil filters are compatible with Mitsubishi stuff. Maybe they still make parts, the demand will definitely be there in their local market. I haven't had to source anything since SWT pulled out (touch wood) so I'm not all that sure.
  3. Pericles

    I am buying proton gen2

    OK, first thing I'm gonna tell you, never, EVER listen to that guy about car matters EVER again. My gen 2 did around 9 in normal city. That was a 2004 1.6l automatic gearbox model. But it was a brand new car, had less than 50km on the clock when we picked it up from the agents. We liked that car so much when we got a trade in offer from the agents for the new model Personna we swapped the Gen 2 in for that, stayed Proton. Personna is still with us. About the parts, it's possible it will be a problem, since AFAIK, there are no agents in SL now. Swedish Trading pulled the plug long ago. But if you have the contacts to get stuff from Malaysia, then it will be fine.
  4. Pericles

    Digital Camera Photography

    Gee, guess it's been some time since anyone took pictures...
  5. Pericles

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    Since I checked out Agoda and they like to spam me based on my search history, this came up. Maybe? https://www.facebook.com/events/256813458250195/ This is NOT a recommendation, I know nothing about the people doing it, just popped up in my FB feed. Caveat emptor.
  6. About the hilux, I don't think so, the back of the surf isn't designed to be taken off. The Surf is more like the Montero Sport.
  7. Guess pickup and truck in interchangable. That rear canopy can be taken off, hence the pickup tag. Never tried it myself.. But the internet to the rescue http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2458150/1998-isuzu-amigo/ http://www.loaded4x4.com.au/11396/its-an-amigo-jeff-and-fionas-gecko-green-isuzu-amigo-is-loaded/ https://carfromjapan.com/specifications/isuzu/mu/581975b52afaa2c4b28786c5
  8. Legally, yes, but its been in the shop for about 6 months
  9. Pericles

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    Mention it to staff and they will have someone make noises at night. Flexible ppl My grandfather died in that house, if it helps People in that area have no need of ghosts, in the windy season the wind on the roof makes more that enough ghost like sounds.
  10. Pericles

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    Also for the non budget conscious, Tea Factory Hotel in Kandapola gets my high recommendation.
  11. Pericles

    How to Drive a New Car

    For a brand new car, all this information should be in the manual, so please take the time to look through it properly. You should do that anyway, but our people don't like to do that. Well, I guess most people don't like to do that, hence the acronym RTFM.
  12. Succinct. It you wanna confuse yourself, mine is actually a short wheelbase pickup. But gets called "jeep"
  13. Pericles

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    Whole host of places around Nuwara Eliya if you want a far place to freeze your bottom off, and there are AirBnB options to research too. I personally recommend this one, it was actually my grandfathers old house, sold on to developers decades ago after his death. They have really done up the place nicely. https://www.agoda.com/sathya-ayurveda-bungalow-in-elamulla-sri-lanka/hotel/all/nuwara-eliya-lk.html?checkin=2018-08-29&los=1&adults=1&rooms=1&cid=1646622&tag=da59274c-b2d6-3922-e127-c71d2ad3fa5c&searchrequestid=fd788ffa-1ba0-4f7e-beff-d45a7cb1f975&abd=1&tabbed=true#nohash If you want cold, this place is cold, seasonally. I was up in that area in July.... I recommend wearing socks while sleeping. Also the road from Kandy thru Hanguranketha was done up recently and in excellent condition. So no fear for any cars. Lovely drive for passengers who can look around Driver needs to keep his eyes on the road, rather lot of corners.
  14. Pericles


    Try Nadeera Jinasena. Might be able to give you some leads at least.
  15. Pericles

    Express-Way Updates

    Interesting Well, that land on either side of the road there is pretty high priced, govt having to compensate people would probably have to pay a huge amount. Probably the same reason there isn't an exit where E03 runs under the main Negombo road near Bangalawatta. Would have made life much easier for me personally, that would run practically into my wife's office, making picking her up and dropping her off so much easier.