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  1. ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Ugh. That's just terrible.
  2. Autolanka Rc Build Thread

    Traxxas FTW
  3. Audi, bmw or benz ?

    Are you sure its not the VW chap who is buying a dressed down Audi?
  4. Nissan Presea

    They did mine too, they are good.
  5. Nissan Presea

    Davy is right. Consider an SR16 variant if you are interested in a SR motor. DE or VE.
  6. Zoltron does it work

    It might help with your search if you spell it soltron.
  7. You said take your family, how many people? The insight is slightly smaller, that might count in your opinion.
  8. Suggest me a vehicle below 2M

    "Only" 10 on a 15+ yo automatic sedan? I agree with Supra. Ur suggesting compact hatchbacks, different size, of course they will have better fuel figures, while sacrificing everything else.
  9. ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    You're looking at a database.Here is the thing, I think we can do it as long as its not an "official" type thing. User reviews, like you can review places on Google or Facebook. I think people are getting more used to that. The problem is always, figuring out how accurate the data is. In a huge pool like Google, a few people with a bad agenda against someone can't cause too much harm, but in a smaller community a targeted hate campaign can take down a business, and those owners can hold it against AL. And the authorities here aren't anonymous So if we wanna talk to Madz about DB support for a user reviews Db (which is the function of the threads anyway, just no quick "star" rating system) we might be able to do it, as long as its clearly labeled and AL in not held responsible. From there it is upto the user community to maintain their rep by keeping their reviews accurate.
  10. Cnr 2013!!!!!

    Pulling up this old thread to post this link https://photos.app.goo.gl/18MkbtqJvOFIJsxq2
  11. Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    There are only two reasons to recommend that. You are on the sales team, or you really don't like the person who wants to buy the vehicle.
  12. Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    Probably. Not a common vehicle.
  13. Formula 1 - 2017

    Fantastic point in the season. Chaos in Singapore! Some fabulous images from the start incident. Opinions? IMO Vettel's fault, but not malicious. Kimi being Kimi had said something like sometimes your start is too good and then you get into trouble
  14. Nissan Leaf

    It HAS a brake pedal, but the e-brake thing is supposed to work like, take your foot off the throttle and the car stops. Basically, how fast u go depends on your throttle pedal (if that is the correct word any more) pressure. I'm not sure how violent it is, if its cruise to a stop like iRage says, like engine brakeing in manuals (which can be pretty violent in 1st ) or full on lock if you lift off the throttle (that word again) while doing 60. Guess its geared towards the electric world. And you need to push a button to activate ebrake.
  15. I've seen vehicles with a complete advert for politicians on the rear glass, but then, I suppose the politician in question will transfer any cop who dares pull that vehicle up even if it is illegal, so I'm not really sure. Pretty stupid thing to do, tho. IMHO.