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  1. With a name like Grond, yeah, I believe you.
  2. To emphasize what @aamarakoon said, unfit for use. Should be destroyed.
  3. Thanks for this. I dunno where this was originally, but going from that oddball "1972 Merc" to 1 sri 1 to taxidermy had my head spinning and had to remind myself this was postwhoring.
  4. If you looking for a city rider, the 2020 Nissan Juke is in the high 6mill range at A*W.
  5. Definitely an auto Still not got it, coz its not cleared yet. I'm hoping it has some of the options from the UK version, which looks quite good. Really eager to see how the Android Auto options work.
  6. My sis is buying a new Juke. Interesting vehicle. Tech is quite interesting.
  7. We sold the Gen2 around 40/50k so I dunno what would come up by 80 In general, make sure the transmission fluid is changed, make sure the timing belt is ok, check the plugs, all of which is general advice, not brand specific.
  8. Wha? The Proton? No, thats an I4. Are you wrongly remembering that Eunos I looked at that everyone decided to tell me I wouldn't fit inside?
  9. Nope. Autobox. Econobox so I don't go thrashing in it, but still.. Proton Personna. @Devinda_Z, nope, nothing done to the disks, All 4 disks BTW.
  10. Only seen this kind of things on the radio control circuit, this racing is crazy!! Very enjoyable We should send some Sri Lankan bus drivers for this.
  11. A nice public transport system would be nice. Unfortunately I can't work remotely since taking pics requires being at the place things are happening. Still, the WFH thing has definitely had a good effect on the traffic right now. Unfortunately it means people are speeding more coz the roads are clearer, but hopefully those things will be sorted out.
  12. It's weird you say this, and I've wondered about it a helluva lot myself, but I'm currently running at 70k kms on my original breakpads (as in, came with the brand new car), and the service guys keep saying they are still ok.
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