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  1. Ado, no thread hijacking! Lets move it to post whoring!
  2. Isn't this the problem tho? Due to the flood of low grade parts, and fudged maintenance due to the hardy reputation, it's all the harder to actually find a good car?
  3. Hell no, it's ancient. But then, you were probably the first of the postwhores to drop out. I'm sure Supra and MasterDon knows that handle.
  4. Looks fantastic, but I'm spending a bit too much of my life on gaming as it is without a new one .... 😁 That's over about 5 years, but still, closing on 2 months of my life...
  5. If you don't have a powerful computer, but have at least a mid range smartphone, try Real Racing 3. I've given up PC racing.Tilt controlling the steering on the phone is way superior to keyboard steering on a PC. (ideally a tab is better, bigger screen, but can't have everything.)
  6. Watch Matt LeBlanc race a tuk with 25 bags of Tea loaded on it, and you will never ask questions like this again.
  7. Alpha Thermal systems. Just started work again. NTB is also giving some interesting financing offers. If you need any help, with Alpha, giving me a ping, one of the directors is a good buddy. You don't need to worry about the life of the company, this one has been around 25 years or so.
  8. You want updates on his ladies you need to follow him on FB.
  9. You mean return to posting? Just reliving some of the old stupid things ... 🙄 Read on the CF bonnet convo...
  10. I had a Gen2 and have a Personna. Don't have any experience with those particular models the OP has mentioned.
  11. You have been quoted regarding Proton Waja user. Kindly give us feedback pls.

  12. This is an interesting piece. http://www.ft.lk/opinion/Sustainable-and-broad-minded-solution-for-Colombo-s-traffic/14-674188 Quick Quotes "I didn’t want to explain to him that the traffic is created by drivers who drives recklessly and selfishly to reach their destination as fast as possible. They never follow lane discipline, never bother about pedestrians, and they go wherever they can move their vehicle thinking that this is the way to avoid traffic in Sri Lanka." "An open-minded and well-disciplined public will reduce 50% of self-created traffic jams." I doubt that is a research backed number, but it will definitely help. Some research here. https://www.smartmotorist.com/traffic-jams Now why do I bother posting? I can't reform everyone. But here is the hope. By reading this and learning something, it might cause people to modify their own behaviour. I have done a lot of practicing lane discipline. See the problem is, people in traffic are more reactive, they try to wriggle into whatever tiny space they can (watch the tuks) and then find themselves on the wrong lane. Of course, we can't always follow the recommended practice, have to keep moving out of the left lane due to potholes or idiots who parked cars where cars should be moving. But proactively putting yourself in the correct lane to manage your turns will help ease the traffic tremendously. As a small example take the traffic lights in front of Orion City. There is at least 4 lanes there, but cars that can travel straight through the lights are eternally stuck behind people who want to turn but occupy the wrong lanes coz they think they can get their thing done faster by doing so. In the end, my conclusion is this. When using public property, you do not have a right. You have a duty. This is the mindset I'm gonna have. Hopefully it will inspire others, but at least I'll gonna try it. Can't preach it without practicing it
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