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  1. Thanks all. finally I also joined SLIC. My premium was 62k for 2m valuation. I had some claims and it was fast and easy. But now I have got my 2nd year premium as 72k. I think thats because of the claims I took. But when I searched the marked coorp gave me a quotation for 42k. I am now thinking of changing to coop. Please anyone have bad experience with coorp ??
  2. Noted and thanks sorry for the late response
  3. Thank you for the reply is it cost that much
  4. Dear All My Corolla 141 Front Windscreen was cracked due to a small accident. There is a hairline crack for around 1m length. I am looking for a place to replace it. I found from the forums about Samarasinghe Windscreen house. I don't have experience with it so can you guys give me your past experiences about that shop. Also I don't know what to look when replacing a front windscreen in the replacing one. I have heard about tinted and non tinted glass. Also about Original glass and copies. Also I have heard 3 layers glass which I don't have any idea. Can you please provide some technical info about Front windscreens. What should be the best glass to be selected Thanks
  5. Thank you very much. Very detailed explanation
  6. Hi All I have a Corolla 141 car. I recently brought it. I do not have proper knowledge in car maintenance. I check my cars coolant levels, water level and engine oil often as i can. Is there any more items that I should be checking regularly? Further please let me know how often should I service the Car. Should I consider the mileage as priority or the time period 6 months ? . I know cars should be services earliest as possible. But we need to look the economical side as well. Thats why I asked. Also is TOYOTA service station is recommended or can I use other service stations as well from your experience? Please let me know any other better places Guys please help me with the above. Thanks
  7. Do you know what is the purpose of Rear Buffer in the attached photo. Is it compulsory to have it. When I bought the car this has not been fixed with the buffer.
  8. I have to replace my rear buffer and Front Buffer due to Buffer damage. I got the rear buffer. But my car didn’t had the inner cover left side of the rear buffer. So I have to purchase 1 . I looked most of the places in Wijerama. But it was not available. Please help me where I can buy this. Also I am Looking for a Front Buffer. It was cost around 22000 for Thailand. Japanese used costed 28000. Are these prices reasonable? please help me on above and let me know where can I buy above parts. Please help as this is urgent
  9. Did the Tiniting from Care Point Rajagiriya. Rear windshield and rear door shutters were tinted. Costed me 14200 Lkr. 3 M brand was used and they gave 10 years of warranty . I think the cost is fair right.
  10. The technician called it as the Radiator cap. It was plastic piece and costed around 1800 lkr. It was replaced . Now the issue is ok.
  11. Dear Fellows I have been taking advice from Autolanka forums and it has been very helpful for me. My car is not tinted and so I am Planning to do a Tint my Car. there were several threads about car Tint. But not a updated one for 2019. Please Help guys about the following by your experience Best places for Car Tinting available in Colombo Best Material brands that can be used for Car Tiniting. ( I found that 3M is the best from past threads.) What are the Car Tiniting options available for a Car (Such as Rear Windows only ,Front Windows, Rear Glass,etc) Approximate costs for above options I think this will help for many. Please Help guys Thanks
  12. Thanks for the help . Found the leak today near the radiator cap. Today I fixed it by replacing it. Just costed 3000 lkr
  13. I checked the coolant level today after a trip. It is in the lowest level again . I think there is a leak. please let me know a repair location near Matara today(Sunday) rough calculation how much it will cost
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