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  1. bmw is definitely fun to drive than premio thats the positive side, 5 series is executive clss,its compatible with toyota camry,can’t compare with premio. but if u can effort for 2019 bmw its good option but old germen has lots of reliability issue,and easy to break not like ur premio, maintain cost will b more,other disadvantage is 520d is diesel vehicle in our country v can’t find good diesel so engine waste is more than expectation if u really like for germen vehicle better to go for benz e200
  2. i think toyota doesn’t like to use dual turbochargers for their engines because of reliability issues if they can put dual turbo for same engine you can gust about HP even in v8 gx460 model same,they r focusing for reliability not performance
  3. ok will take land rover come to second its has 240hp prado has 177hp do u want to drag race know who is going to win? 😆 and toyota more focusing about reliability,not performance thats y its has long life even srilanka we can find good quality 1988 prado with daily running condition,but very difficult to find year 2000 land rover discovery without issue,thats the successful behind the toyota.thats y its becoming most richest automobile manufacture in the world.
  4. diesel or patrol or hybrid or electric r just different types of fuel but if someone really want to compare vehicles performance they have to get same range vehicle ,specially land cruisers r design for off roading not for racing, land rover 240hp jeep-200hp amarok-258hp  prado-177hp without drag racing we can say who is going win if uk doesn’t available same power vehicle better to not doing this kind of test,otherwise its not fair for one side, other thing diesel prado r mainly focusing for off-roading and reliability engine,according to my knowledge that’s y toyota engine has long lifetime.
  5. toyota one 4 cylinder volkswagen one 6 cylinder gx460 has v8 engine with 301 hp, prado 150 4l has v6 engine with 276 hp but unfortunately this guy using lowest power version of prado
  6. i think u didn’t get what i said i didn’t mention about specific country, i told about the if someone need to compare performance of vehicles they have to get same range performance vehicle, otherwise its not fair. yeah lexus gx460 = prado 150(technically same vehicle ) reliability also same lexus gx460 selected for most reliable vehicle of 2018 https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/most-reliable-cars-of-2018-consumer-reports-2018-10
  7. if you r looking for performance of any vehicle you have to compare with same hp range engines. here land rover 240hp jeep-200hp amarok-258hp prado-177hp here everyone can understand what this guy looking for i can agree if this guy get 4L prado which has 276hp, yeah lexus gx 460 is more expensive than these vehicles because of reliability, gx 460 has been selected for most reliable vehicle of 2018 even you compare with options wise gx 460 has more options than these vehicles
  8. yeah definitely agreed with u ,fun to drive but my friend life is very short , very difficult to find 10/20 years old vehicles on road.they r money picking machines. but 30/25 years old japanese vehicles still on the road .some r still daily driving vehicles.
  9. don’t compare legend with most unreliable vehicles.y this youtuber choice 2.8 l diesel model with low hp, y not try with lexus gx460 v8 model . or 4 L prado? land cruiser is the most reliable suv ever made in this planet.they r try to destroy that name. but legend is legend 😆
  10. go for patrol 2.7 l tx/txl models diesel one fuel economy 11 km/l patrol one fuel consumption 9 km/l if you comparing with reliability and maintaining cost definitely patrol one more better in sl we cant find good quality diesel so engine waisting more than expectations.(even supper diesel not in best level) supper diesel cost is very close to the patrol price diesel engine less reliable than patrol one diesel vehicle have more maintenance costs compare with patrol diesel engine r highly noisy compare with patrol model.(if you looking for family vehicle that noise is annoying) if you r go for diesel models in sl u have go for low grade models.(even that doesn’t have basic autolight function)if u can efforts for LC5 prado/TZG models its ok otherwise no point .if ur choice just because of fuel economy, overall comparing with maintenance and fuel economy both together patrol is more better, if u go for patrol model try to find 6 forward one.
  11. this is daihatsu rocky,1st vehicle manufacture in year 1989 just rebadged with toyota logo and different name like toyota passo
  12. is there anyone know place to buy nufinish liquid wax from srilanka
  13. no my one is japan domestic txl model in door sticker its show 32 psi probably its for japanese road conditions, i just trying 30 psi ,it’s very comfortable . also global manual show 28psi 30psi
  14. in australian owner manual show 29psi japan domestic manual show 32 psi for same vehicle
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