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  1. no my one is japan domestic txl model in door sticker its show 32 psi probably its for japanese road conditions, i just trying 30 psi ,it’s very comfortable . also global manual show 28psi 30psi
  2. in australian owner manual show 29psi japan domestic manual show 32 psi for same vehicle
  3. yeah little bit bouncy , thats why i think to reduce air pressure, also all the previous vehicle that i used are pump less than recommend pressure , those recommendations for japanese road conditions, but in sl lots of road are still not in good conditions thanx for valuable reply
  4. yeah its 32 psi actually its 31.9. i want to know according to our road conditions
  5. are you using 30 psi?or any experience? thnx for quick reply
  6. friends i want to know what is the recommend tire pressure for toyota prado 150 for sl road conditions, i previously used 32psi that recommend by toyota, my tire size is 265/65r17 thanx
  7. dtrum

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    is there any place to buy nu finish car wax lots of review said that better than maguire liquid wax , it last one year.
  8. dtrum

    New Defender Design??

    i can’t agree with some point, yeah prius is not a reliability vehicle because that concept design for fuel economy and environment friendly, land cruiser is legendary reliability vehicles, even 20/30 years old vehicles still on the road(without issues).and i don’t believe is there any place defender can reach but lc can’t ??? its impossible because lots off middle east ppl and UN ppl ,africans using land cruiser for daily running,they are the ppl who reach to the most rural areas in the world.
  9. dtrum

    New Defender Design??

    there are thousands youtube automobile experts said about reliability issues,even in srilankan very difficult to find 20 years old land rover on roads,there is some common statement in australia “if you want to go to jungle go with land rover but if you want to come back go with land cruiser
  10. dtrum

    New Defender Design??

    as i know now this company own buy indian tata , so last year they had 1000 of reliability issues m pretty sure this new model also same
  11. dtrum

    car wax

    its looks great 👌,according to your knowledge between AutoGlym and soft 99 which one is better ? how to find genuine or fake products?
  12. dtrum

    car wax

    do you know any place to buy 3m wax ? is that 3m wax made in usa or india ? how about durability?
  13. dtrum

    car wax

    where we can buy Soft99 FUsso MirrorShine ? is it good ? how much?
  14. dtrum

    car wax

    bro problem of spray wax those are less durable,if i can go for meguiar liquid one thats perfect but its more than rs7000 ,thats why i thought about 3m also both are synthetic wax,