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  1. shehan1111

    Regarding Vehicle Importaition

    Normal road okay i guess. But in Highway?
  2. 1. Im importing a car from japan. and my dealer said i can get it from hambantota port. Can i drive it through Highway to colombo from port without any registration? 2. What are the relevant documents to register the car ?
  3. shehan1111

    Aution sheet details

    Like R grade noh? however my dealer said that we dont have to worry about G type of damage since the auction grade of the car is 4 or 4.5
  4. shehan1111

    Aution sheet details

    What about the G: stone chip in the windows?
  5. shehan1111

    Aution sheet details

    are they repaired or we have to repair if they can visible?
  6. shehan1111

    Honda Cars

    😂😂😂😂 what about the car condition? do you have any experience from that car?
  7. shehan1111

    Honda Cars

    Hi all, what is your ide about Honda Civic EX ? some of my friends(who are using this car) told me there are so many issues from the sensor and all? any idea about that?
  8. shehan1111

    Sedan Car for permit holder

    Thank You very much for everyone who gave some ideas for me. Really appreciate it. What is the best CHR or AXIO WXB?
  9. shehan1111

    Sedan Car for permit holder

    Yeh. Love to buy premio. There was a one premio but its auction grade is R . Thats the issue i have.. and there are lot of 4-3.5grade premios . I Really don't have any idea about this lower grades. Budget is not applicable for higher grades
  10. shehan1111

    Sedan Car for permit holder

    Hi, I'm Government permit holder and have budget around 4.5 million. We initially thought about importing Axio WXB car. But my friends suggested me that its not much comfortable as much as allion or premio.and also their market can be go down with the time. Then i checked in the auctions i found we can import Auction grade 4 ,3.5 or R range allion or premio in 2017/2018. Is it worth to buying such vehicle or should i stick with Axio hybrid WXB? Im confused with so many things now. please professional's help me to sort out this matter. Thank you