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  1. Charles Peter

    Honda Civic Sedan UK Edition

    Well this is Srilanka anything can happen , now see whats going on with Hybrids above 1 Ltr , its really making people confused , some who bought spending above 7 mil cannot sell even for 5.5 . ideally they should give connessions for electric & hybrid vehicels which makes a huge impact on the environment , saying that i love the Civic sedan , hope it will make mark on the sedan market in SL irelavant where its made
  2. Charles Peter

    Honda Civic Sedan UK Edition

    In other words Civics imported from UK (made some where else ) will have an effect on resale value ? just like the Toyotas not made in Japan. or will have wise versa effect since its Srilanka , cos i heard from some of the importeres the 1 Ltr turbo on the sedan wont be imported from 2020
  3. Charles Peter

    Honda Civic Sedan UK Edition

    Where is really made in ? i heard even though imported from UK its made some where else is it true ?