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  1. Any Aircon experts around, please?
  2. Yes, the car is equipped with both a/c and econ modes. Yes, the ac cuts off at around 10 degrees C even with full blower speed.
  3. kneth

    Toyota Service Manuals - Free Download

    Any one has the manual for the Toyota Starlet Reflect X (EP91-4E-FE) 1996? Thank you!
  4. Hi guys. I need some advice! I have the above model car and my AC is not cooling enough. All components are fine, but the thermostat cuts off at 10 degrees Centigrade. The thermostat on this car is not adjustable. Please advice me on the following... 1. What is the recommended temperature the thermostat should cut off? 2. How can I drop it to about 5 - 1 degrees Centigrade? Thank you in advance for your advice.