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  1. Hi All , specially @iRage @Crosswind @Hyaenidae @Davy first of all I would like to apologize from all of you. As you mentioned I'm not the one from Unimo. Im the one who planning to buy this DFSK 580 vehicle. before buy I want to find the market of this vehicle as well I want to make popular this vehicle. so I have post so many posts in favor for this vehicle even driving it one time as a test. I have argued with you lot and try to prove this vehicle is value for money and provide so many facts and figures to prove my point. But i'm wrong, this vehicle is a failure , luckily I didn't trap it and didn't buy it but i'm very sorry if anyone convinced to buy it because of my posts. It has huge power to weight issue and I got to know that they have sold nearly 120 vehicles at the moment and all of has this issues. some of already know it and return the vehicle and some of still don't know they have issue in their vehicle. When you drive the vehicle in hills you will get this first issue. if you stop the vehicle in mid way in the hill road which has rapid inclination (not big hills even 20 inclination ) it will not be able to move further even how hard you press the accelerator , try with Manual and 1st gear is same. you be able to go straight without stop but if you stop the middle and then you are lost. no point of reversing up. this will only happen with Rapid inclination. now Unimo planning to provide solution for their new vehicles , got to know that they are trying to change the gear box, god knows what other issues it will get. so some of vehicles which already sold has this issues and some of new ones will get their solution. Then question is how is second hand byers identify which is the good one and which is the bad. Second hand market will be a dream for the owners..Also there is corrosion issue in this vehicle, some of vehicles has under corrosion and heard Unimo planning to provide under corrosion protection for those. Can you imagine brand new vehicles not even older than 2-3 month has corrosion in body. it seems it not well treated metal. Now I can see that every letter of post of our senior members in this forum are 100% true. May be there are good Chinese vehicles but this locally assemble one is cheaper and not like those. This is not value for money , 6 MIL is not a small amount to sacrifice for Chinese experiments. may be they will provide good one in another 10 years time, but not now. for 6MIL you can buy second hand KIA , Honda, SUV's even 5-6 years old one are far far better than this one. Finally apologize for all 😞 !
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