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    Purchasing a new car.

    Yeah thats what i am trying to do.. also expecting some relax on those tax from the budget.. 😇
  2. Kgdilanka

    Purchasing a new car.

    Yeah thats true.. there are lots of other brands in sri lanka though they are disregard by own mindset.
  3. Kgdilanka

    Purchasing a new car.

    Problem is those vehicles are not Japanese right?
  4. Kgdilanka

    Purchasing a new car.

    Hi. I am looking for an upgrade from my Mazda Carol 2004 and looking for a vehicle around 2.5M to 3M. With that budget, i am highly concerned about fuel consumption, maintaining cost. Hence, currently i have only below options. (Registered) 1. New japan alto - some people say the second hand market will be very low. 2. Daihatsu mira - lack of spareparts 3. Wagon r - expensive maintenance cost, lack of spareparts So guys i am looking for some ideas, suggestions for a better option. (Including positive and negative sides of above options and, any other models i can go for.) Thank you.