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  1. One picture says more than a whole thread
  2. Go to above link to see the real facts ! Don’t listen to donkeys
  3. http://www.c-ncap.org/en/crash/9d3af420eca64d12ba582c108b662928
  4. Dear friend, DFSK580 is not just another Chinese Vehicle- that is the case . Dong feng chinas one of the largest car spare manufacturers who make parts for many vehicles including Honda ! . How can one predict how long this vehicle going to last when this vehicle was in srilanka only for just a little more than a year? Some said the same thing for Japanese vehicles when it was first brought to srilanka!( many were not born then!) yes I agree 22 Laks now is much worth than after few years !! That is the case . One puts 22laks today for the vehicle as an so called investment to get that back after few years!! And opportunity cost is not the time you waste when the vehicle is not running ( if there will be such time - people are so negative minded!) but the time one is waiting to buy a “great “ vehicle which will be a good investment! Better to go by bus and buy some gold! my dear friend has lot of good vehicles at very cheap prices A Mercedes at a price of Corolla! High safety Japanese vehicles at cheep Indian car prices... may be I also should change my mind?
  5. And don’t compare a car with cellphones that shows the level of professionalism!!
  6. If one is really interested on this vehicle they should visit the show room and find out themselves! Ask for a test drive and feel it themselves! This vehicle cannot be compared with previous glory models. We Sri Lankan’s spend unnecessary amounts of money for Japanese vehicles and feel so proud! Just imagine you will have 61 Laks in your hand comparing to CRV ! Even if you will get all the repairs which was mentioned on the previous comments would it cost 61 laks? When you spend 61 lacks more for another vehicle do you understand that you are spending another 22 laks as the bank interest for 5 years ( if you are taking a lone ) or more if you had invested that money somewhere else? Don't we have other things to do with that money? Just look at the roads to see how many are driving zero star rated vehicles and risking their lives? Even with out comfort and Luxery of a magnificent SUV? Be fair my friends. Don’t just comment! Do some research and give the right facts to fellow guys!
  7. Dear all check out the new glory 580 it is completely a different one its 1.5 turbo charged cvt
  8. mazda demio is one of the best vehicles mazda has ever made. Just have a look at its cabin comparing to the Vitz .even 2008 mazda demio looks better than 2019 Vits from inside. Toyota is now making very cheep looking interior for the small cars. Road holding is much better than Vitz. Its engine is very powerful but economical like Toyota Yaris . one question was whether it has a cabin air filter .yes it has. its below the center console .you get the access from driver side
  9. This vehicle is one of the best vehicles China has designed ever.Looks Volkswagen Tiguan from the front ,Honda CRV from the side and Kia Sorento from the back. It is a seven seater SUV which is quite specious inside with a feeling of full blown SUV when driving.It is rarely seen in the roads yet , however its road presence is elegant .Its 200mm road clearance is very safe for Sri Lankan roads . It has a 1500 cc turbocharged engine with a Punch Powertrain Continuously Variable Transmission which is made in Belgium . This engine / transmission combination is very economical comparing what same range vehicles has .However you should know how to use this CVT to get the maximum benefit of it since it is not just a regular Automatic Transmission.
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