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  1. still no leak founded, oil level is between High and low ( half level), top ups in nearly 3 months ago. Thanks for your support.
  2. Currently using one of my friend told me recommended viscosity is 10W-30. actually i have no idea of current engine oils brands. that why i'm searching this on AL to get an idea for me. also i think this will helpful for others too. I'm New to AL and thank for your support...
  3. ***Please continue your discussion on oils on your own thread***
  4. Hello, Currently use 10W-40 Mobil supper semi synthetic oil. but now recently noted oil level deceasing issue. Thanks for sharing your advice with here
  5. Millage around 190K Engine oil brand: mobil super 2000
  6. Please tell me about recommended engine oil brand for toyota corolla AE110?
  7. Dear Sampath, Could you please share idea of your car engine oil type and brand? that's help me lot
  8. Any idea of your car engine oil type and brand? please help
  9. Dear iRage, Could you please share the experience of your 110 car engine oil. it will more helpful for me.
  10. Dear Wijever, What is your engine oil brand and viscosity? this is for my information
  11. Dear Davy, Could you please suggest good branded engine oil for AE110?
  12. I would like share & get your ideas, experience regarding to engine oil for 'AE110' , For my , Year 1998 Engine Oil : Mobil 2000 10W,40W
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