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  1. premio 5388

    Toyota Premio 260 GearBox Repair

    Please tell me where to get your gear box repaired. Is it successful? How much money went Are you giving yourself responsibility?
  2. premio 5388

    premio 260 2014

    My vehicle (premio 260/2014) made the previous lows but it was hard to find the sound coming from the engine. When it revives the vehicle and ramps up the RPM 2000, this is what it looks like
  3. premio 5388

    premio 260 2014

    Yeah, I think it sounds like a thumping sound, twice or thrice. Also, do I have any solution to the problem of stopping on a mountain and moving forward without a hitch and trying again?
  4. premio 5388

    premio 260 2014

    Why do I hear a crashing sound and only hear it multiple times when my vehicle is activated?