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  1. Im also interested to know more about this. I contacted one company and the understanding given to me is - you pay a downpayment - the vehicle will be owned by the finance company -you pay the monthly lease which is less than the nornal commercial lease installments - the lease period is short term- like 3 years -at the end there is a balance to be paid- which is generally 50% of the value of the vehicle. At this point you can decide to sell the vehicle or settle the balance and keep the vehicle to yourself. Since that company has a considerable online presence, i believe there may be others who have got vehicles from there. Is there anyone willing to share their experiences? Are there hidden costs/risks? Much appriciate your valuable insights snd experiences
  2. What exactly is luxury tax? Is it on cif value 3.5 mil or engine 1500cc? Those are two different taxes?
  3. Guys based on @iRages advice I wanted AWD vehicle but apparently according to some importers if I get AWD highest grade with all the options cif value will go beyond 3.5 million and it will be subject to a heavy duty of app. 1 million which makes it no sense to go for it. Srilanka’s duty structure is just weird and crazy. can someone please enlighten me on this 3.5 mil duty ? When you consider cif value does it include the options you add too? Does it include the cost of additional tires, keys etc?
  4. thanks to @Dee Jay's tip i checked out the vehicle today. in layman's terms it's actually ok in terms of the size because im not looking for a big size vehicle also. Its actually bigger than the vitz and has a good ground clearance . However i also felt its not so spacious inside but compared to CHR and Vezel the rear passengers would have more space i think due to its box shape. Couldnt do a drive as it wasnt allowed.
  5. Yes called them bro it’s still there but today I have a very tight schedule prolly go tom
  6. @Dee Jay May I know the place to go and have a look please?
  7. Well I haven’t driven or owned super luxury vehicles like you guys and obviously don’t have the capacity to buy those also. I’m trying to make the best decision with my hard earned money and in my circumstances and I don’t think one needs to be sarcastic about it.
  8. I though he was helping but was he being sarcastic all this time 🥺
  9. Why am i getting more and more impressed with this little car with the every picture i see 🙈
  10. Found these pics on fb for size comparison. Given the angle these were taken suggest that its smaller in length when compared with CH-R. Width difference doesnt seem to be much
  11. Also I’m told that one place will have a few units by 20th Dec, looking forward to go there and see it in my own eyes...
  12. I hope there aren’t many orders from srilanka and I don’t have to wait in a long queue like a few years back my friend had to do just to get an Alto
  13. Unfortunately in the reality we live in, I have to be considerate of the few factors which have limited my options... considering the size, from the dimensions available online my understanding is that it will be in the same width and length as Rush 2007 model, but will be 10 cm less in height. The hieght will be the same as a vezel. So when you think of a shorter version of Rush 2007 or a narrower version of a vezel- I think it is going to be a small car.
  14. Guys the country is going to be flooded with Raize I think- heard from an importer today that there are about 7000 pre orders from Srilanka alone now 😱
  15. Thank you for the detailed reply Fuel economy itself is not a big issue but i'd like to know in advance so i know exactly what i'm getting in order to plan my budgets. As i said earlier i have to go between Kandy and Colombo every week and one road trip per month. So overall cost of the transport on the top of a 2-3 million vehicle loan would be a factor to be considered. But as per my research the hybird cars which are available within my budget (vezel and swift etc) fail miserably on more important aspects. (vezel- battery issue, comfort, low resale value, swift hybrid- safety 4 stars and ground clearance, Toyota Aqua- comfort and ground clearance, Toyota Axio- the car being a sedan feels too big for me) Suzuki Vitara- some negative comments, resale value and and little above the budget, same with Hundai). Therefore I wouldnt just go for a hybird which is not safe or which is not comfortable just to save a few bucks on fuel. I even considered CH-R even on here there were several negative reviews and i see a large number of CH-Rs are being resold by the first owners. So I thought this might have an impact on the second hand value in case i want to sell it in future. Regarding the resale value as the vehicle is still new i totally understand that your guess is as good as mine, so I think its best to wait another few months and see? One of the reasons i wanted to do this fast is the low interest rate these days, its 12% and the bank agreed to give me at 11.5% (it was around 15-16 before) This might save 5k-6k from the monthly loan installment whe compared with the earlier interest rates. So this is AWD as opposed to 4WD.
  16. Hi Guys, Hope you are all going great and you guys rock! First of all, apologies for starting a new thread on Toyota Raize while there is another active thread on the same topic, the reason is I have more specific questions to know your expert views. My requirements are; (1) Good value for the price I pay (2) Fuel economy- as I will travel between Kandy to Colombo once every week. (within city i live very close to my office, so generally I won't have to drive much in the traffic) (3) Poor road conditions in my area- I need a vehicle with a good ground clearance (4) Second hand value (5) Comfort- I specially didn't like being a passenger in vehicles like Aqua earlier models and vezel, in long distance trips. (6) Leisure activities- we try to do road trips at least once in a month, so a vehicle that will perform on different types of roads in Sri Lanka would be great. (7) I like a vehicle which has a sporty look, rather than a family vehicle/sedan (because Im still single & young ) (8) A new/recondition vehicle as opposed to a used one, because I dont know much about how to do the repairs and dont have time to attend to those. (9) After all, unfortunately, the budget is between 4 million and 6 million. I in fact considered Vezel, and CH-R but there were negative reviews. about those. (eg- Vezel Battery issue, vehicle value, and CH-R fuel economy, etc) I had almost decided to go for a Vitz when the news broke to me about Raize. Although it could be too early to say this, on my basic research it appears that Raize meets most of my requirements above. I obtained quotes from a few importers already. There are two 2WD models and 2 4WD models. 2WD model seems better in terms of fuel economy. 4WD models are more expensive than 2WD models. Given my requirements above, do you guys think 4WD would be a better option for me? Should I compromise on fuel economy and the price to get a 4WD? According to the company, the fuel economy is 18km/L for 2WD and 17km/L for 4WD. What would be the average fuel economy on Sri Lankan roads? I guess it will be around 8-10km/L? The engine capacity is 1000CC with tubro. Will this be an issue for 4WD? Will the small engine of 1000CC have a bad impact on fuel economy? Sorry guys the questions may be stupid but Im totally lost as even on the internet there is nothing much about this car. But I want to get this down by next Jan/Feb Thanks as always Tharindu
  17. Thanks for the tip bro yes Civic Hatch also seems to be a good option... Mind sharing the price and how the economy is as you feel?
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