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    Hilux LN109/LandCruiser 80/J24
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    2" Suspension lift and few minor stuff on the Hilux
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    Build the J24 into a dedicated offroad rig

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  1. alds

    Kia Stonic offerred by Kia Motors Lanka

    DCT & GDI ?? Well folks, We have found the ultimate Srilankan Super Cruiser 🤣🤣
  2. alds

    40-,56-,251- number hilux surfs

    Few legitimate LJ70s, A lot of police auction BJ75s fitted with Landcruiser II/box prado bodies almost all ex-police auction vehicles got bodies swapped. Some LWB vehicles running with SWB CRs off police auction. mostly BJ60 chassis fitted with HDJ80 bodies. Some legit vehicles with manufactured year after 1989. Before 1989>body swap
  3. alds

    Isuzu bighorn VS Hilux surf

    Correct. Full time 4wd w/ center diff locked = 1:1 speed ratio front vs back = Part time 4wd. I dont think any of the 180 surfs got automated traction aid systems like A-trac or terrain select. only the optional electronic rear locker. A-trac first appeared on the Landcruiser HDJ100/UZJ100 in 2000 model year. Only the N210 surf/4runner got A-trac in around 2003.
  4. alds

    40-,56-,251- number hilux surfs

    Wanting to keep the threads clean is not "Getting worked up". It's easier even for you to have all the information regarding your vehicle search in one place. The questions you have asked in several threads are common among people looking for SUVs and Jeeps of the 90s and 80s. So having them in one place will help out the next forum user looking around for a similar vehicle.
  5. alds

    40-,56-,251- number hilux surfs

    180 came with front coil-overs and rear leafs, 130 had the torsion beams in the front same as the fifth gen hilux. 180s with the A343F had the valve body failure issue which caused the reverse gear engagement delay. The only 180 I've had the opportunity to drive had it's faulty A343F swapped with a manual G58 tranny. 130 had the part time 4wd system so there was no center differential. one reason I prefer 130 over 180 for offroading is the final drive gear ratio of the stock rear diff. 130 had the G252/G254 (4.556) while 180 had the G294(4.1). 4.1 is a bit too low on torque even with 31 inch MT tyres.
  6. alds

    Isuzu bighorn VS Hilux surf

    It's pretty much impossible to find a Original Bighorn in here. Almost all are body swapped, some legally and some not so onto a trooper from a govt auction. I think most of the troopers were bought in for the Police and the plantations in the 80s. Engine power wise, a Bighorn with a 3.1 4JG2 diesel is much better than a surf with 3L or 1KZ, early bighorns had a issue with their transfer box but most would be fixed now. Some parts are hard to come by for troopers especially 4x4 accessories. Since you mentioned off roading, why don't you consider the original Prado? (Box Prado/Landcruiser LJ79). They are quite good off road and plenty of parts and accessories available. Bit more spacious than a Surf and easier to find one since quite a lot of vehicles are there.
  7. Absolutely. The original number is a very important part of the vehicles' character. classic vehicle with a English license plates just sparks questions about the legitimacy of the vehicle.
  8. I think the RMV stopped issuing English letters for older number a while back, around late 2018 as per my knowledge
  9. alds

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Stupid Samir, all he has to do is concentrate and take triple caution sharp left🤣
  10. alds

    ######## 2020 Loading .... ########

    Well, that there is all autolankans ever wanted 😃😃 Happy New Year everyone, May the automotive gods continue to smile upon us........
  11. alds

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    ha ha 🤣 I know, the sensor gets confused whether to turn off or turn on. Because it has the same light intensity setting to either on>off or off>on. What it needs is a schmitt trigger
  12. alds

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Is that a euphemism for a wife who manually turns on the garage light for you when you get home? If so, We have reached unprecedented levels of objectification...
  13. alds

    Better DVD player + navigator

    Avoid the non branded ones. They don't have standard Toyota audio harness connectors and you'd have to cut and joint the cars' original wire harness. And they have horrible audio quality. My take is get a good branded setup with Bluetooth for audio and use the mobile phone for navigation. In real life, nothing beats google maps for route planning and traffic updates in SriLankan roads.
  14. Agree with @iRage on this one big time. We live in an age where people run away crying from any car with an engine bigger than a teacup, and 1.0L turbo is the greatest thing to happen after the big bang. Soon we will be discussing the fuel efficiency difference between pearl white toyota raize and maroon toyota raize.
  15. That's a bit harsh I'd say.