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  1. alds

    Why Honda?

    More Toyotas' on the road -> More garages to fix them + easier to get parts + easier to find used ones to buy = less queries here As for Hondas, the high number of wannabe ricers might be a issue. Also they ruin good cars so bad the next owners get a whole lot of stuff to ask around here. Nothing inherently wrong with the vehicles.
  2. alds

    4Dr5 Clutch Replace

    @Cat dissanayaka Try New Wasa*tha motor stores panchikawatta, alternatively You can look around Bandaragama area for auto parts shops. Heard they have the original Daikin cluch kit cheaper than Panchikawatta.
  3. Customs auctions, there's a LJ79 (Box Prado) around Maharagama with CBH plates.
  4. alds

    Japanese Car News

    Well, somebody decided to take a LR4 and call it the new Defender. Old names sell I guess.
  5. Sounds like a bad CV joint to me, any reputable garage should be able to diagnose a faulty CV joint.
  6. alds

    Mitsubishi Lancer GL 1993 CB8A Gearbox Upgrade

    Agree with @tiv on this one, selling the manual car and moving on to an auto would be economical. Converting an auto to a manual is much easier than the conversion you are looking for. There are plenty of places that do that. But I doubt places that do proper manual>auto conversion. So many things can go wrong and you might end up with an unusable car.
  7. alds

    Project Moggie - Painting

    This is definitely pro level DIY my friend, hats off to you for the homemade air compressor. I've used the same setup for a vacuum pump. Can't wait to see the end result. Good luck with the paintwork. 🙂
  8. alds

    Vitara vs MG

    Well the heart wants what the heart wants 🙂. I'd personally go for the vitara, it's a proven vehicle with good value for money.
  9. alds

    A**o F***e parts and service charges

    Out of curiosity, what is the mileage on the car? Because for 350k, I feel like you could've replaced the engine entirely.
  10. alds

    Shifting to N while the engine is running

    I think this is a design feature. They are multiplate wet clutches. So they can tolerate slight slippage by design. As for the heat generation, I don't think wet clutches generate considerably higher heat than the torque converter itself.
  11. alds

    DFSK 580

    Or the April 1st, which makes even more sense.......
  12. alds

    DFSK 580

    Maybe he was worried about a possible apocalypse to follow the attacks. The glorious DFCC is the best vehicle to face the doomsday event.
  13. alds

    DFSK 580

    What did I tell you about the comment format? It's exactly the same. Gotta link that youtube video somehow, cause that makes everything better. @iRage Please don't close this thread, let this be an eternal monument to all the guerrilla marketers that sweep these threads day and night, sleepless and hopeless, the watchful eyes that prey on the feeble and mock those who show a smidgen of common sense, we are witnessing the history being written.
  14. alds

    DFSK 580

    You bet 🤣 That being said, I'm more interested in the people who buy these vehicles than the vehicle itself. I wonder what goes through their minds right before putting down 6 million rupees on faith. Quite the leap of faith if you ask me.
  15. alds

    DFSK 580

    Well @Roshan321 let me share a observation of mine on your comments. They are the same format all along the thread. The format has an quite interesting composition. Part 1: Reply to a previous comment with some obscure fact about the 580 Part 2: The value for money story "7 seater for 6 mil = 580", spacious,luxurious and features Part 3: The released DFSK 580 models and countries they are sold Part 4: The Japanese-European-Korean comparison story, how people used to compare different automakers. Part 5: Totally unrelated and probably paid-by-DongFeng youtube review from a country that we've only seen on a discovery documentary . (always non-english) Not trying to offend you or anything, just sharing my observations with others. and yeah, the 5.35mill special offer banner is gone from Kohuwala UN*MO showroom. Guess the demand was too high or something.