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  1. Hi guys, Just to give a proper ending to this thread to anyone who might find this useful in the future, I went ahead and took the existing radiator apart and the internals were quite corroded. (Probably because previous owners didnt use coolant, but water instead) therefore after a few scratches on the head, i decided to go ahead and discard the unit and drop in a Brand new one, yes it costs more, but the peace of mind cant be matched by putting in a recon unit. now im sure this will last for quite some time IF properly maintained, so guys thank you all for your time and knowledge it sure did help me out alot, so i think for anyone sweeping the forum for recon radiators and their quality, take the expert advice and replace the unit with a brand new one. your car will thank you later. Thank you.
  2. Top. i saw a patch of fresh coolant which is indicative. this was exactly around the place i heard the hissing sound. im quite positive that the leak is right at the seam. after seeing this i immediately called radiator house in panchi, they told me that it can be done, i was in doubt because i was under the impression that this particular fixing of the cooper tank is a one time job. but the gentleman at radiator house was quite positive that it can be fixed. so i will take the radiator to the said place and will see what can be done, i take it that this copper tank fixing also costs quite alot therefore if it can be saved ill be sure to do so. just one question, you referred to my radiator saying that it was made out of copper, by radiator do you mean the upper tank machan? because that defa is copper but the radiator or Core is aluminum as far as im concerned. (not quite sure of the inner workings of it) if the upper tank cant be fixed, they also recommended to fix a plastic one, which i think is available in the area as a separate unit. what do you think of that method? how much will that generally cost? (the upper plastic tank) thanks for the quick reply it helped me out alot an saved me a good amount of money.
  3. Hi friends, So i was on the look out for radiators for my Hy Sonata, the one already installed has previously been fitted with a copper tank (comes plastic from factory) and that seems to be leaking pretty bad (Audible hissing sound). a brand new unit of the same costs around 22K at panchi. so before heading out for that, just wanted to get some information on reconditioned units, which are like 12K. How are these reconditioned radiators sourced for sale? (Parted out units or units that have been broken/Leaking and now fixed and sold) are these reconditioned radiators reliable? ( im not expecting B/N reliability, but i also dont want to get my self a patched up, ready to explode radiator....i guess thats the catch here!) so anyone with the knowledge and expertise about these reconditioned units please do leave a comment on what these reconditioned units really are. are they units that have been parted out, or are they ones that have been leaking and patched up? because if its the former, then i am willing to give it a shot. as of now, i just dont feel all that confident on how the term "reconditioned" sounds in our country­čśů your advice is highly appreciated. thank you all.
  4. Okay, so before solving the trouble code... I've got to address the oil issue. I'll take it to the mech tomorrow. It's koreanLK i hope they'll do a good diagnosis of the problem., Just to further clarify, shouldn't a oil burning issue show it self with a oily spark plug end? Or rather a wet spark plug? And a head gasket issue showing itself again with a bubbling radiator and possibly engine oil in it? The engine is running super super smooth.... It might be my lack of knowledge probably. I'll get it checked anyway and let you guys know about the diagnosis. Thank you for your valuable share of knowledge.
  5. yes, that i did a few days back.....then again i didn't mind it all the much.... no i haven't, thats the best way to go about it, but i just wanted to get a small idea as to what to expect once i take it to the mech. btw, on side note, can i get an emissions test done in order to get a better idea about the issue im having? i mean if i upload the data can the experts hear get a better idea? if so i can get it done within the next 24 hours.
  6. You mean faculty 02 sensor making the engine not run right (to rich) and there by making the Cat-con go bad?
  7. 192,000km's But it sure does not run so, it runs super smooth for that milage,(one reason i got it at 185000.) And again, about the oil burning problem, shouldn't the engine run really rough and shouldn't i see a bluish smoke out the exhaust? I see none of these signs except the smell... And i did happen to pull-out two sparkplugs out, cylinder 1 and 3 and the ends look normal. I don't see any signs of oil. Which kinda brings out the obvious question, am i leaking oi? No I'm not. I see a little bit of damp ness on the timing belt cover and that's pretty much it no puddles of oil underneath... Doesn't explain the 500ml per month. This is a rather unusual problem i guess, i feel like replacing the cat-con just for the sake of it, but the oil consumption? And code..
  8. hi, as you may have already seen in the description, i am having a p0420 engine code for a catalyst efficiency in bank 1 (4 cylinder engine). one problem ive noticed is that sometimes after a rather short trip of say about 5-10km i do get a very strong smell from the exhaust, strong to the point my eyes tear( or at least i smell it.) plus i always have to top off engine oil every 3-4 weeks or so with about 400ml - 500ml of oil. (using sae 40 caltex.) are these problems somehow related to the p0420? i will check the spark plug ends tomorrow for oil. the engine definitely is running as it should, and it runs very smooth except for very very rare occasions with small random misfires, new plugs would do i guess. i mean if the engine is burning oil, it should run rough and idle different right? as per the code, how should i go about diagnosing it. please do leave your ideas on this....
  9. Hi, So ive been looking for some spray cleaners (carb and brake clean) to used on some of my upcoming projects, and came across a brand named 'getsun', it looks local....but very cheap compared to some good brands like '3M' etc. Is this 'getsun' brand really cheap like its price? Or is it actually a bargain? Has anyone used this product? Please leave your suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes you are correct, that switch will have to go to the coolant temperature sensor location, but doing so will cut the signal to the ECU, will that effect drastically?
  11. Hi ajm, Thank you for your response, yes i thought of those issues, but there are fan controllers with the kits they sell do they? I've seen alot a diy's on YouTube and most of them come with a switch, and I've seen some with a temperature probe as well, About the battery and alternator though im not too sure. But again it would be great help if you tell me where i can find these fan kits. Thanks.
  12. Hi, To kick things off, i am by no means a pro in automotive mods, nor do i totally understand the consequences from any modifications i do to my vehicle. I own a Nissan Laurel c34 with the RB20E under the hood, this particular engine has a thermostatic fan clutch for the radiator, ive already replaced it once, but the problem is the annoying sound it makes. So my solution was to change to a electronic fan ( which again i do not know if itll solve the problem) Now what i wanna know is, will this bring harm to the engine in terms of cooling which i doubt since all that matters is the amount of air flow. And are there any custom kits for this particular application, if so where can i find it? Again, im just a beginner and i dont know jack about cars. Take it easy on me Thanks in advance.
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