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  1. Awesome! Had the same restriction issue as mentioned?
  2. Google for "Carsolution Kelaniya"... they have the VRU-195 SD Card for 12k
  3. I've successfully connected to Apple Car Play on iPhone 7, 8 and XS by just plugging in the phone via the USB port near the glove box/middle storage area. Any specific issue you are running in to while trying to connect to Apple Car Play? Some iPhone SE people have run in to issues and the following step has helped them
  4. @Dee Jay thanks, will look in to it
  5. This is the component... I guess you can call it a dongle? Got the previous info from this thread itself, and one poster had been able to set the time correctly by installing a separate Android headunit, but had gone back to the Japanese time once he switched back to the Gathers headunit. Oh well, reducing 3.30 hours mentally all the time isn't too much of a chore I guess 😕
  6. Don't think it's possible on Gathers 195 because the time update is done by connecting to the internet through a dongle.. that dongle doesn't work here apparently... so we are stuck with the Japanese time
  7. Hi @danss70 I went around some shops over here and they had a blue colored Chinese version (Rs 1600) and a (Rs 2500) "Japanese" version. When trying to install, they said they will have to cut the antenna wire and do some soldering to get it working, or we could use an adapter that is 3k. What was your installation experience like? Did you cut the antenna wire and install? Also, how's the clarity of the FM bands after the installation?
  8. 1. I think this is handled by the audio setup. Because whenever you put the car in to reverse or turn on the signal light, the video feed starts from the camera (reverse or side) which the radio setup uses to show the video on the screen. This overrides the radio/audio currently being played. Not too sure about your setup, but some audio systems have a setting which allows audio to be played while reversing in the options. (Was there in my old Android Car audio systems. Wasn't available in a no name chinese car audio system before that) 2. About reverse guidlines, some audio systems have these in built (some are configurable, some are not) and there are also reverse cameras with no guidelines and static guidelines. So if you audio system doesn't have configurable reverse guidelines, you might be out of luck
  9. With Sri Lanka Ins, you can let the insurance claim be handled between Staff0rd and the company. They will however hold your vehicle till they receive the cheque from the insurer but it's less of a headache than Coop I guess? There will be a owners contribution aspect to the claim amount, so it wouldn't be a Rs 0 accident repair for you, but it would still trump you having to pocket out a significant amount.
  10. Google for "Carsolution Kelaniya". They have it and it costs 10k. But your importer/dealer should ideally provide you with the SD Card, so better ask them first
  11. @Sujit thank you. That's pretty useful... was using Google Translate on the phone all this time
  12. Finally got my SD Card last Friday so been playing around with it a bit. The FM band limitation, language and the time issue are my only gripes as the sound quality is pretty good. Might stick with this for a while and see if my OCD kicks in and bug me for a fully functional non Jap headunit @kce991 did you return/sell your Android headunit?
  13. Can't seem to change the time from the settings as I heard that it auto updates from the dongle connected to the headunit in Japan, but since it doesn't work here, we are stuck with Japanese time. (Not 100% sure) Maybe there is a way to change the timezone through the GPS settings and fix it (that's what is being done in the above video?) @kce991 I think the issues you ran in to could've been fixed with a bit of tinkering on Android but guess you are more than happy with the Gathers system though Were you able to fix the time on Gathers? Or did the time not reset after you fixed it with the Android system and then changed to Gathers again?
  14. Looks like luck came knocking as the agents had got down the SD Card yesterday (after 3 months +).... But thank you so much for the offer to help Seems like I will get the SD Card after all from the agents. But I'm curious about the issues you had with the Chinese head unit... Was the audio quality not up to par or was it something else? I had a similar Android headunit in my previous vehicle, and since it had Android with a bit of tinkering it was pretty awesome..
  15. Got the spare key, but no SD Card yet
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