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  1. danss70

    problem with accessing the apple carplay in Honda crv 2019 japan

    https://navicon.com/user/support/howto/connection.html#incompatible Use Google translate or see the attachments please!
  2. These are the translated version of radio set manual (Japanese version). Try this and give your feedback pl! Apple car play is working fine.

    1. Infernken



    2. lanibuimi


      http://www.aixuge.com/space-uid-9161.html anne kept sucks appeal offering signature

  3. danss70

    Toyota Passo nszt-w62g

  4. danss70

    Toyota Passo nszt-w62g

    I added bird-view camera in a workshop. 1. I noticed whenever I put signal lights or reverse gear the radio/audio is stopping. Is this normal for this audio set? 2. The reverse guidelines are not moving Kindly let me know if these can be corrected **Pl note: that I have asked the workshop person, he told me it is the problem with the set not the camera set-up Thanks for helping
  5. danss70

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    @MADNESSSsss https://www.ebay.com/itm/Car-Radio-FM-Band-Frequency-Expander-Converter-For-Sony-Kolo-Kenwood-Alpine/123812944047?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 yes it shows the old band from 70 to 90mhz. you have to mentally add 20 to the shown number ( back to math class 😫 )
  6. danss70

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    @ramishkad 1. Android Auto has started working recently (2-3 wks) in Sri Lanka 2. it is working in my phone and other phones 3. I tried with the original cables 4. Android Auto is not in VRU-195CVi menu or user guide kindly let me know if anyone successfully got it working
  7. danss70

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    1. Apple car play working Following are with my android phone! 2. Android auto not working 3. Bluetooth handsfree working 4. Bluetooth internavi - not sure if it will work. I am still trying 5. I have attached Car Radio FM Band Frequency Expander Converter - It is used to reduce FM 92-106 Mhz to 76-90 Mhz for conversion from ebay (US $5.65) + Rs 300.00 for fix. All radio channels working fine. @kce991 Map SD card now not available in ###### but search in Google for “honda map sd card sri lanka”.
  8. danss70

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    @MADNESSSsss 1. access the menu : Yes 😀 2. change language : not yet 😫 but trying 3. and stuff? : clock, not yet, 4. post the content of the SD : I can do that, but it won't help you, I think. I tried cloning and imaging , Linux dd clone, but they didn't work. Possible reason is CID security linked software content of SD card. CID writing to sd card is only possible with certain hardware / laptops and sd also different to allow CID changing. these sd cards are cheep but don't know about the equipment. i can still post it if you want(I'll accept BBQ offer 😛 ) . I'll still have to explore this audio.
  9. danss70

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    Bought the map SD Card for 10k! now its working. Thanks friends! 😂
  10. danss70

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    MADNESSSsss, Thanks, will be waiting for it!
  11. danss70

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    Kush, Thank you for your prompt answer. However, 1. Please mention what do you mean by ‘cards for sale advertised in Ik***,’ . I could not find anything for “Gathers VRU-195CVi” and sd card sale for it. I only saw update for Australia and us ones? 2. CRV has many settings in audio display I.e. Walk away auto lock, Android Auto, Vehicle LKAS … and some other settings are there. Do you know, any local shop, who can provide sd card or hack / unlock this audio set? Thanks
  12. danss70

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    Kindly let me know how to solve this? I have the same problem. My CR-V VRU-195CVi also lost its sd card. Now I am unable to go through menu items. Is there anyone in Sri Lanka who can unlock/hack this audio? Please let me know?