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  1. BlaDe91

    Allion 260 2012 door wisor

    Would you know of any places that do that? Any recommendations?
  2. BlaDe91

    Allion 2007

    Still under conditioning brother. I will upload ❤️
  3. BlaDe91

    Allion 2007

    Thanks everybody for your inputs. Finally cranked a notch up and went for a 2012 one. Personally known. Need to do a few upgrades though thanks again ❤️
  4. Hi, Where can I find genuine Allion 260 2012 door visors and multifunctional steering? regards,
  5. BlaDe91

    Allion 2007

    So does it mean buying an unregistered Vitz is a better option than going for the old used allion? Under a 4.1M budget
  6. BlaDe91

    Allion 2007

    What are the the things to checkout before buying a 2007 Allion. Does some of them do not have eco mode and auto headlights?