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  1. Damien79

    Honda Civic Sedan 2019

    Last week I was did my car first maintenance at Stafford Maradhana. and this is the 1st time I have taken my car to the agent for maintenance. my 1st experience is negative. may be I'm comparing with other places. actually I thought Agent having well trained & proper maintenance with good environment. but actually not. as usual majority places, Stafford too concerning about polishing n giving nice look car. but main thing would be Service related oil, filter replacements. During service, 5-6 times power went off and Even generator failed due to mainline short circuit. finally I had to ask them not to vacuum and return the car. Also observed another incident at same place. another guy who owned of Honda Fit GP5 done the service and during car handed over time, Honda employee (seems team leader grade) open the door unprofessional way. n there is small space between door and wall, n caused door edge hit the wall n damaged paint. and the owner complain this incident to the management and initially refused and passing ball. As I'm witnessed the incident, I have told them that it was a mistake from the Honda guy. So all these incident, this will be my last 1st & last day with Honda service with Stafford. and more encourage my known place for maintenance. and that place thousand times better than Honda.
  2. Damien79

    Honda Civic Sedan 2019

    Little above 11Km/L is good figure. Even after maintenance, my one does not more than 8Km/L
  3. Correct. If Agent (Stafford Motors) bring down cars can run with 92 Octane. Same sedan Stafford quote me 89 lacks Rs.. 😮
  4. If your car from Europe version, you must use ) Octane 95. It's already mentioned inside the fuel cap. You cannot use Octane 92.
  5. Damien79

    Honda Civic Sedan 2019

    Thank You matroska
  6. Damien79

    Honda Civic Sedan 2019

    Guys anybody can suggest for the maintenance place? Some of the comments said, Honda dealer Raththanapitiya is not up to the standard. and poor service standard following. Anybody experienced such?? With my previous Honda FIT Hybrid, I have done 5 years maintenance with Mahesh Motors Makola. I can recommend that place for anybody who's having Hybrids. The owner (Mahesh or his brother) personally do the trial before start maintenance. and after finishing too, inspect the car with trial run. They do Hybrid scanning as well.
  7. Damien79

    Honda Civic Sedan 2019

    This January bring down my Honda Sedan EX 2018 1.0 Turbo. So far there is no issues. and I went Nuwara Eliya with my family. 4 seater used. and I have extra added Spare wheel. (UK version doesn't come with spare wheel). I didn't find any pick up issues. Car is smooth. so far I have done 2200 Km..
  8. Only can use Octane 95 cannot use. (Euro4 standard) (This is for Europe Version, UK). It's clearly mentioned inside the Fuel open area. Believe Japan model, which is directly import through Local dealer (Stafford Motors) can use Octane 92. Better to check with dealer.
  9. Damien79

    Updating the navigation system

    I have found below informations related with Garmin navigation upgrade.
  10. My Honda Civic Sedan EX 1.0L, as per dash board fuel consumption not cross 8 Km per Ltr. Even High ways it does max 8. So far I drove 2000 Km. may be later on fuel consumption do well.