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  1. Shouldn't the CHR be running on 95 as it's a turbo?
  2. Boring times nah? Some of us really do get tempted to do somethings in our rides Anyways 80k is a good point to do a tune up. I'd say just wait for all this to pass up and do it with a professional. Then you could even get the throttle body cleaned properly & TPS calibrated, which is vital. (Also, I faintly remember being told that using the cleaner while the engine is running and the throttle body is still in position can be a bad idea). The fuel pump filter is a must! Doing a tune up without cleaning that is like making Pol sambol without the Pol. Removing the intake manifold to reach the injectors? I don't think so. You mean that plastic cover that looks like an intake manifold? That's nothing. You would have to remove the TB and injector rail. Re-installing the injector rail can be tricky sometimes and also you are better off cleaning and checking the injectors with the tester/cleaner machine the shops have. The last thing you want is your car to be sitting at home, quarantined because it's throwing weird engine check lights and codes.
  3. I can understand. Always something about these early 2000s/late 90s cars that people can't let go. After all, they are the last generations of actual cars before the market was booming with over complicated computers on wheels (wonder what would happen to these complex cars when they start showing up on the adsites in another 10 years). Looking forward to the ownership experience of your new gf.
  4. About to remove the throttle body and I'm curious as to what this exactly is? A box seperately located right under the throttle body and has a connection to the air box. Im guessing it's a PCV or EGR system? 



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    2. AVANTE


      Hrmphh..meddling in my affairs eh, am putting down a bounty of a bucket of 0w20 and 100ml of 95 petrol for anyone who brings your head. 

      Until then, prepare yourself for the upcoming elections... Mr. EGBS

      *Spicy Bollywood Masala exit song plays in the background*

    3. AVANTE


      Anyways found a workshop manual for the thing and it's the PCV control solenoid valve.

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      😅 staying at home getting to u bro? Btw gimme a buzz when yo free. I haven't had a good car chat in a while.

  5. In the Google search bar, type 'Nissan Tiida Autolanka' and you will see a few threads on this car already discussed before. @Davy
  6. Nice writeup, lucky to own such a little fun mobile! The matte blue goes well with it. btw The G13BA is SOHC right?
  7. Ah well, hope nothings out of control! Stay safe
  8. Can you explain a bit more about what you mean by this? Also, I'm not sure about what happened after you changed connection but before that.. Could it be that radiator you bought was reconditioned one and hence could have been clogged?
  9. Long time no see Konos! How's life? I hope to do so as always :)!
  10. Niceee...hope it's in top condition and may it be a blessed experience 😉 1.8 is it?
  11. Came across a 2008 Mazda Axela that the owner claims 'is used as a 2nd car for driving pleasure'... Come on now, are they really THAT good? I get they are fun and sharp to drive but how good is it really, that one justifies it as a 2nd car? It's an automatic too. How much sharper or better are they to drive compared to a Lancer, Civic or Swift of the same year? Or is it just hype? 

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    2. sathyajithj99


      I think you should marry your gf soon. She seems to have a good taste in cars as well as in colours.

    3. iRage


      So...got a 2017 Mazda 3 2.0L over here as a rental car in Vietnam. We have 3 days left here and I had to give up the Fortuner a few days ago.

      As before the 3 just begs to be rev'd...at low revs it feels slow and lethargic and just has this stiffyness in the pedal that makes you want to just stomp on it...when the revs reach like 2500-3000 it just zooms. The ride, even though the car is hacked is still nice and firm yet soft and still has that active feel to it.

      What I do not like:

      Steering is too light.

      Seats..the fake leather is just yucky

      The tiptronic gear box in manual shift mode is annoying...its bad enough that it is lethargic to shift up..it is 1000x more annoying shifting down when it jsut decides to jerk (not predicatable at all). So yeah....keep it out of manual shifting and sports mode :D

    4. tiv


      I'm not sure about the mazda but in the current financial drout people may word out far more optimism to shed a car.

  12. That was a nice one.. And oooo a surprise eh? We'll see.
  13. Hmmm, yes... I shall go back to my cave and prepare myself for such conversations with the females. In the meantime, have to add FD1 to my wishlist. Also, have you made up your mind on buying your next ride?
  14. I'm an understanding enthusiast, or what would I be doing in this forum. Cars are the above mentioned materials mixed into one, but in a way that has made us dedicate our time, money and passion to them. They should keep us happy, safe, pump the adrenaline and increase the heartbeat. We can happily call ourselves car guys/petrolheads/enthusiasts, but the car itself should never be used as our main identity. If you think you are better than others because you drive a euro SUV, then you seriously have a baby mindset or a small pee pee. Btw, Krabby Patty is a burger, not a sandwich neh😅?
  15. In the end, a car is just rubber, metal, leather, plastic and glass all mixed into one (extra plastic in the case of Chinese cars). It shouldn't make us feel a class above others. Wish more people understood this. But it seems there's no point in being Gandhi with the average srilankan. Just have to be safe ourselves.
  16. No what I was saying was its easy to maintain as a '1.3L' because Included the starlet in the examples list. I'm aware that the ceres' here came with a 1.5 or 1.6. Should have worded that correctly😅
  17. It has been discussed before, just like your problem.
  18. Halt! We caught you defying the laws of physics. We have no choice but to arrest you and confiscate your quantum defender until the government can come up with a decision on how to deal with you.
  19. Also, as they had the frame less doors, you have to keep an eye out for the beading/seal conditions. Maintenance would be the same as any 25 year old Toyota with a 1.3/1.5 engine (AE100, Carina, Starlet, etc.)
  20. I'm no expert but that doesn't look like an original switch to me, possibly installed by someone else previously? Did you try switching it on and checking the headlights & fogs?
  21. Had nothing to do so I watched Jackie Chan's thunderbolt (1995)..man that's a terrific nostalgic trip for any Mitsubishi fan I'd say. 

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    2. AVANTE


      Do you use any special products for engine bay cleaning irage? 

    3. iRage


      I used to use an engine wipe...but that was just a pain...recently I just use a damp cloth and a brush....sometimes soap around some gunky areas to get it lose.

    4. RWD


      Yep findings things to do is becoming a problem! Last weekend spent giving it a good wax. This weekend its time to work on the interior. Cleaning up the engine bay is a good suggestion. Will work on that for weekend 3!

  22. Imagine if it was an X1, the guy talks trash on tivs Mira, puts on his pitakotuwa Ray bans, shrugs and stomps the accelerator only to find out the timing chain has wrecked havoc on the motor lmao. By douchebags.. You mean the guys who think their Odi A1 is the sickest. car in the streets because it got rings on the grill?
  23. I swear I was checking out some FD4s on the adsites when I heard the notification bell. I'd love a Euro Sedan any day (406, Jetta MK5, E46, W124, you name it). It's just that maintaining one from our area is a bit of an exercise. For now, we have to stick to japs, not like that's a bad thing. Also, I'd say any econobox is in vain for us Kanda uda guys. 1.15 hours and that too without a fine? I'm seriously impressed. FD1s seem like a bargain now, maybe because of the 1.8 that disappoints the Thel worshippers. For now I'll stick to jangis. Easier to get away trouble-free & complaint free. Not like I can attract lankets in a honda anyway.
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